Ribbon Storage

Last Updated 10/14/09


From Kimmie - Take a tension rod (Big Lots for $1.99) -- the kind that are thin and can either twist them one way to shorten or twist the other way to make longer.Slide your ribbon thru the tension rod and then put the tension rod between your desk and wall (or I have between my compute desk and other desk. I actually have 4 rods loaded with ribbon and I can see what I am running low on, it helped to clear up some space, and this will help to keep them neat.

From Nicki B. - The best system that worked for me is the plastic floss boxes. They have 18 compartments in each one (I think), and I have NINE of these with all of my "loose" ribbon sorted by color. While watching TV, I sat and wrapped each piece around two fingers and secured with a plastic-coated paperclip. Then I put it in a compartment. This seems to work great for me - before, all of my ribbon was just tossed in a big box - ugh!

DMC floss boxes are GREAT for most ribbon - except the really wide stuff. I think it was someone from this list who first suggested that (for me, anyway), and I now have 9+ of these things with my ribbon neatly wrapped and organized by color in each one. It's so nice to need a piece of ribbon and not have to paw through a box of wrinkled mess! There are 18 "slots" in each box - I get them at a local craft store - Pat Catan's for $1.27 each. Pretty inexpensive way to store lots of ribbon and in not a lot of space either. I don't use the little cardboard things to wrap my ribbon - I just wrap it around 2 fingers and if necessary use a plastic-coated paperclip (plastic-coated to avoid any rust marks, etc.) to secure the end. Most times I do not need the clip.

From babstamper - I have all kinds of ribbon and fibers and finally decided to keep them in clear shoe boxes. I have them separated by colors depending on how much of each color I have. Currently I have 7 shoe boxes full!

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