Paper organization - Rhonda's Solution

Last Updated 10/14/09

By: Rhonda Little

I buy papers 3 different ways. Some I buy with a specific layout in mind. Some I buy to keep on stock (my cardstocks). Some I buy just because I love it and I hope to find a way to use it some day.

The last two are easy to organize. I have two 12x12 paper shelves, side by side, and I organizing my 12x12 by RYGBIV, with solids on one side, and patterned on the other. I also have two 8.5x11 paper shelves, and I organize the exact same way with my 8.5x11 paper. Believe it or not...I now have a 3rd set of 12x12 and 8.5x11 shelves, side by side, that I organize my Club Scrap kits on.

Now, that takes care of my stock supply and my "I love it and hope to use it" supply. What about the paper you buy with a specific layout in mind? I don't like to put that with my regular paper stash because, 1) out of sight, out of mind, and 2) that usually means separating the papers and I might have trouble finding them again.

So, I have a box in which I keep page kits that I have assembled for myself. I keep a supply of 2 gallon ziplock freezer bags on hand. When I buy paper with a specific intent, I slide it into the ziplock bag along with the photos. If I bought any other embellishments with that layout in mind, I slide those into that bag, too. Now, if I stumble across another goodie in my stash that I think will go with that layout, I add it to the bag, instead of trying to remember it when I finally get time to crop. And, when I DO have time to crop, I've got several page kits assembled and ready to go.

If I have just a few kits, I lay them flat in the bottom of the box so the paper doesn't get bent. But, often, I have SEVERAL kits assembled. LOL! They are so snug in the box they stand upright and still don't get bent.

It works well for me!!!

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