Inkpads Storage

Last Updated 10/14/09

From: Mason Hutson - One thing I did was to use the little round stick on labels, white of course, and with a small solid stamp, stamp the color on that and stick it on whichever side would be showing. If it was too big, I'd cut it in half. They would fade over time, but I would just do a new one if needed. This really helped me tremendously to be able to go to a color immediately

From Laura A - Our new storage scheme (mom's organizing the stamp room) is to store each brand in a 10" pizza box, write the brand name on the box and put it on the shelf. Of course, for this to be a workable solution, you have to buy one of each color of each brand! :-) Reinkers are stored elsewhere.

From: MaryAnn - I stack my pads in a wood cubby - dye pads upside down, pigment pads right side up. Then I write the color (w/permanent pen) on the end of the ink pad so I can see the name and can pull out the color I need when I need it!

From - Oh my goodness -- this must be a MaryAnn thing -- I do the same. I ordered a neat stamp pad storage rack since I could not find a large enough cassette holder. I also store like pads together. I store all of mine upside down.

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