Banner Advertising Information

You can choose to have banners on my website. I have two locations available on each page in the side bar replacing the banner.


Pricing for the banners - Prices updated on August 2009.

$5.00 per month, per page

Advertising starts on the first of the month. Your banner may appear on the site earlier, where possible, for no additional cost.

You may choose to advertise for a 6 month or 12 month period. You will be billed prior to the start of your advertising period. You will be notified before the end of your advertising period to allow you to renew your advertising.

Banners must be no wider han 100 pixels. Banners must be no longer than 300 pixels. If you are interested in advertising on my website, just contact me at or fill out the advertiser's form.

The Average Monthly Statistics on my website are as follows:

dotAverage Monthly Hits - 703,000

dotAverage Monthly Page Views - 140,000

dotAverage Number of Monthly Visitors - 58,000

dotAverage Daily Hits - 20,000

dotAverage Daily Number of Page Views - 4,000

dotAverage Number of Daily Visitors - 1,800


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