Scrapbooking Motivational Ideas

Last Updated 10/14/09

by Ginger Morgan, Kristi Martin & others

These ideas were compiled by Ginger Morgan, Kristi Martin, and other scrapbookers on the web. Use them to help you get over your scrappers block anytime!


Use the name of a TV Show for a title

Use the name of a song for a title

Use the name of a book for a title

Use the word "LOVE" in the title

Use a computer-generated title

Use stickers for a title

Use a hand written title

Cut out the letters for a title

Use die-cut letters for a title

Use the title only to explain your pictures - no journaling

Use a pre-made title

Dangle something from a letter in the title using a wire, raffia, string, or something

Use Plaid paper for the title or for the background of the title

Mix template letters for the title

Weave a fiber behind title

Cut a title from a cursive font

Sew a title

Put your title down the side of the page

Put title letters on individual tags

Dot the "I"s in your title with an embellishment

Use buttons for the O s or the center of your Os in your title.


Use all pastel colored paper

Use a Black Background can be black printed paper

Use crumpled paper on a layout

Use all scraps except for the background paper

Use bright colors for a layout

Use metallic paper somewhere in the layout

Use suede paper

Use wood paper or regular paper that looks like wood

Use 3 different patterned paper in the same layout

Use red, white, and blue on the layout

Use only cardstock on a layout

Use only patterned paper on a layout

Use vellum on a layout

Use at least 3 shades of the SAME color on a layout

Convert an 8 1/2 x 11-inch page to a 12x12 layout!


Use embossed paper

Use diamond dust paper

Use mulberry paper

Emboss your own background paper (wet or dry)

Use any other specialty paper


Take a layout you have done that you love, and recreate it with different colors and a different theme. (In other words, CASE a layout of your own!)

Scrap a Holiday in non-traditional colors (Pastel Christmas, Pastel New Years, etc)

Scrap any celebration

Scrap a family tradition

Scrap an event that includes some sort of food (Picnic, Thanksgiving, or restaurant)

Scrap a sports event or a game

Do a layout that includes toys in some way

Do an Animal layout (zoo, pets, could be Halloween, etc)

Do a SPRING layout

Do a SUMMER layout

Do a FALL layout

Do a WINTER layout

Do a Heritage layout

C.A.S.E. a layout- (other than your own) (copy and steal everything) use the same colors and techniques.

Do a WATER layout (beach, pool, pond, bathtub, rainstorm, squirt-gun--anything water could also be a snow layout!)

Use a quote on a layout

Use a prayer on a layout

Use a Bible verse on a layout

Do a mosaic layout

Do a "Totally Me" layout using your pictures of you doing your stuff.

(Share this online for an extra point!)

Scrap a Patriotic Page

Scrap a current event (within the past year)

Do a vacation layout

Use something from the kitchen in a layout

Scrap an accomplishment yours or family member

Do an "ITS BROKEN" layout (Toy, leg, car ???)

Use a poem on a layout (extra point if you write the poem!)

Do a Holiday layout

Do a paper-tearing layout

Do a "Like Father Like Son" or "Like Mother Like Daughter" layout (like grandpa-like granddaughter?) mother-son, father-daughter, etc. (doesn't have to have that title, just that content)

Do a "step into the past" layout

Do a "House and Home" layout

Do a "Career" layout (if you are a SAHM or Grandma- that is a career!)

Do a School layout

Do a Church activity layout

Do a "Before and After" layout (diet, pregnancy, dirty to clean, etc)

Do a Color-Blocking layout

Do a Nautical layout

Do a SAND layout (either in color, texture, content - use your own judgment)

Make a page that moves - Pop-up or pull

Do a peek-a-boo page

Make a layout without pictures - must have journaling

Put memorabilia on a page (like coins, baby bracelet, tassel from graduation, etc)

Make a quilt page

Make a pocket page

Do a panoramic layout (with those page protectors that make it a 4-page layout)

Do a garden layout

Do a paper folding on a layout

Decorate the four corners of layout

Use a photo for template letters

Use at least three photos on a page

Do calligraphy


Make a scene with stickers

Use stickers for the border

Use MAMBI stickers on a layout

Use Paper Moon Stickers on a layout

Use Debbie Mumm Stickers or punchouts on a page


Use buttons on a layout

Use something from nature

Make and use a shaker box

Sew or cross-stitch on a layout

Use photo corners

Use glitter or a glitter pen on a layout

Use raffia on a layout

Use Twine on a layout

Use wire on a layout

Use watercolor pencils on a layout

Use colored pens on a layout

Use SQUARES on a layout

Use Circles on a layout

Use beads on a layout

Use a paper doll

Tear a paper piecing and use it on a layout

Make and use a paperpiecing

Use an embellished die cut

Use punch art on a layout

Use pressed flowers or leaves on a layout

Use Ladybug theme

Use Dragonflies on a layout

Use a NSBR (non-scrapbook related) embellishment

Use stars on a layout (stamped, punched, stickers on the paper??)

Make Mosaic Frames for the pictures

Use ready-made frame

Use some "Bumper Crops" on a layout

Use Tag art on a layout

Use ribbon on a page

Use eyelets

Do quilling on a page

Do paper weaving

Use Magic mesh

Do paper PIERCING on a page (with a needle or tool)

Use pop dots

Use fabric on a page

Use BRADS on a layout

Pen-stitch on a layout

Use Holly leaves and berries as an embellishment

Use a sound button (some play music, or record your own)

Cut graphics from a patterned paper to use as embellishment.

Use Fibers

Use Charms

Use lace


Make and use a journaling square.

Use a ready-made Journaling square

Journal in your own handwriting

Use computer-generated journaling

Use a journaling genie or a Coluzzle (shape) to make a Journaling square

Journal on a photo mat

Journal using a list

Journal two points of view for each picture

Journal under a "lift up" photo

Use one word adjectives to describe the person in a picture

Write a letter to the person in the layout

Pick key words in your journaling to highlight with borders or larger font


Use Coluzzles to make a layout

Use a Xyron

Use something from a Sizzix

Dry emboss on a layout

Wet emboss on a layout

Use rubber stamps on a page

Use a page planner or other placement template

Use a template of any kind

Use a doodle cutter or Blade runner

Use chalk on a layout

Use a Magic Matter

Use a corner punch

Use a decorative punch

Use decorative scissors

Use straight scissors

Use paper cutter

Use a paper crimper

Use a "New to You" tool

Use a tool not listed


Use black and white pictures on a layout

Use Color tinted pictures on a layout

Use a 5x7 or larger picture on a layout

Silhouette a picture

Crop a picture into a circle

Use a panoramic picture on a layout

Frame a picture with the same picture-(cut out part of it)

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