Scrap Paper Ideas

Last Updated 10/14/09

By: Amy Dement []

These are not all original ideas, just ideas I've picked up and compiled along the way.

There are so many things to do with scrap paper its unreal. A theory I've adopted is that if I do something with it today it's not a scrap tomorrow. Here's what I do to keep it organized:

I have a CM file mate and folders and I sort all scrap paper by color - that way when I want red I can pull out the entire red folder, etc.

For Other Things: First - I cut 4 x 6 photo mats from any scrap large enough (4 x 6 because it's rare that you can't trim 1/4" from two sides of a photo). I have these in a blue CM photo sorter also by color and I always try to go to it first when making page kits, etc.

Second - I use my CM square makers or circle makers and punch assorted sizes - also my EK Whale of a Punch Tag. I have these sorted by color in one of those embroidery floss boxes - why buy them at the store for $20.00 each when you can make them simply at home. You can do this with ANY generic shaped punch that you will use on many pages like leaves or flowers (same applies to Sizzix shapes, etc)

REMEMBER: - If you do something with it today it's not scrap tomorrow.

CHECK YOUR SCRAP FILE FIRST AND ALWAYS WHEN LOOKING FOR COLORS. We've invested a tremendous amount of money into this to hobby and it's disrespectful of ourselves and our finances not to be useful with our scraps. I've read emails of donations and great generosity with scraps and other leftovers and am thrilled! Thanks!

Usually, before just filing ALL my scraps I try to make use of as many of them as possible - First I make photo mats 4 x 6 or size of your choice.

I have some standard punches - CM square and circle makers and EK Success Whale of a punch Tag shape and some Sizzix dies (leaves, etc) that I use very often and I'll make up a batch of those and store them in my regular system.

Some more creative things to do are: From coordinating colors: make random angle cuts across rectangular pieces (finished piece should be about 3" x 4") and but them against one another on a strip of adhesive paper. Trim to straight on the sides and you have a great border or fun strip to cut letters from. {If this doesn't make sense please email me privately and I'll send you a scanned image}

From Coordinating colors tear long strips and layer them onto another long strip (doesn't matter what color it will be covered) Now you have a border or something interesting to punch those squares & circles from - mostly I like to cut letters from these. When you're choosing colors think themes - beach, holidays (any), seasons, sports, etc. and you have fun things to cut letters from.

One more as this is getting long: color block!

If you haven't got large enough pieces to color block and entire sheet of 12 x 12 - go for 8-1/2" x 11 or photo mat size - 5 x 7 for a base photo mat is really nice.

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