Making Page Kits

Last Updated 10/14/09

By: Kathleen Aho aka "Rockester"

A page kit ---as I do it ----is the just the 1 to 6 photos meant for one page of a layout, the papers you plan to use for it including mats, any stickers, punch art, paper piecing or whatever you plan to use as an accent for just that page. Sometimes you have a title, poem or other extras that will go with it too. Put all this into a gallon zip bag or a page protector in a 3 ring binder or some people plan their kits and put each page kit in a different pocket in an accordion file.

Then you go on and make another kit in another page protector with the photos for the NEXT page...and so on. It is faster to pull papers and page additions if you sit down and do many kits in one evening. You try to pull supplies from your existing stash of stickers, papers, titles, punch art, swaps to go with the theme of your pictures, etc. Use those past swaps and those other supplies up! If you just don't have something you need, add it to your NEEDS shopping list (See files)

If you like you can also toss in the layout sketch if you like to make those and any journaling notes. These are optional.

This is a page kit and when you get a bunch of them made up, you are ready to grab that binder or bin or file of kits and speed scrap or go to a crop at the drop of a hat! At the crop, you then basically finish out the page plan, glue it down, and journal. Making page kits is a form of preplanning that keeps everything for one page together physically so it is easy to find and you don't have to dig and drag all the supplies out every time you want to work on a page.

This is one of the single best and most important things that has increased my productivity on amount of pages done in the last three years. It really WORKS! And it is a great way to make your self USE what you have on hand.

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