Holiday Layouts without Photos

Last Updated 10/14/09

by Andrea Steed

Although in this audience I may be in the minority, I confess--I'm guilty of NOT taking any pictures at Christmas. Christmas morning, my family is in their pajamas, and just barely awake. They tolerate me being in their face with a camera most of the year, but Christmas morning just isn't one of those times. So I have to improvise a little bit to record our Christmas traditions and memories.

Here are some ideas for what to record in your holiday layouts without photos!

What special foods do you eat? Make a list of the foods your family likes to eat over the holidays. Include recipes if you have them.

Include your family's wish lists on a layout. It's a great way to remember what their interests are.

In your journaling, describe your ornaments and decorations. Tell why each one is special or why you like it.

Many people have extremely hectic holiday schedules. Make a calendar page showing all of the holiday events and activities your family is involved in. Include parties; shopping trips, family photo shoots, when you sent your holiday cards, and baking days.

Collect the cards you receive from your friends and family and create a pocket page.

List your family's holiday traditions, when they started, and what you like about them.

Don't forget to record how you picked your tree if it's a real one.

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