Corner Rounding Magic

Last Updated 10/14/09

by Andrea Steed

Not too long ago, when scrapbooking first became popular the corner rounding punch was THE tool to have. After a while, it became yesterday’s trend and a rounded edge on a photograph would make you cringe. However, as with all trends, if you wait long enough it will be “cool” again. It’s no surprise that the corner rounder is once again a favorite tool.

Dust off your corner rounder and try these fun ways to use it on your pages:

Round only the outside corner of each photograph and create a mosaic look with several photographs. The mosaic will be softened with the rounded outside corners.

Create a folder-tab title by rounding the edges of the top two corners of a cardstock title block. Then tuck the tab behind a photograph or patterned paper.

Design a color-blocked background with patterned paper and round the edges of each block for a unique look.

Use a corner rounder on opposite corners of a photograph. The rounded edges will draw the viewer’s attention and keep their eyes moving through the page.

Round the edges of patterned-paper squares and rectangles in various sizes and stamp the letters of your title on each block. Edge the paper in matching ink to create a more artsy outline.

However you choose to use the corner rounder, remember that a little goes a long way. One rounded edge in the midst of several strong edges will attract the viewer’s eye and make a big impact.

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