Tips Re-visited

Last Updated 10/14/09

From: Gayle Page-Robak

Many rubber stampers are scrapbooking and many scrapbookers are rubber stamping - these two techniques may be something you wish to try.

Color Dabbing

This technique gives you a hint of color to a stamped design.

Stamp your design on your cardstock. Using a Dauber-Duo, add touches of color to elements in the image. Be creative and see where you add color and how much.

Use your Dauber-duo to flick the edges of cards for a 'framed' look.


Thoroughly apply ink to a rubber stamp. Stamp the stamping surface (do not use glossy paper!). Without lifting the stamp from the stamping surface, pull it in the opposite direction of the way the image should appear to be going. This streaking effect gives the illusion of motion, great for many of our butterfly, dragonfly stamps, etc....lots of images can portray motion...let your mind assess your stamps to see if this is a technique you may want to try.

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