Stamping Travel Kit

Last Updated 10/14/09

by: Elaine Normandy

Thanks to those who provided me a list of what they put in their travel stamping kits. Here is my list, so far. I have it packed in a case designed to carry a lap top computer, which was gathering dust in our closets from when my husband decided he would rather carry a backpack for his lap top. Everything fits with room to spare, although weight could become a problem if I stick too much more in there.

cardstock white glossy
cardstock black glossy
cardstock gold metallic
cardstock white speckletone
scrap paper
art journal
small notebook

Ink Pads
ink pad - black dye ink Ancient Page Coal
ink pad - several ColorBox option pads
ink pad - Selection of Vivid pads
baby wipes (Travel pack)

Measuring and cutting tools
Handi Square
craft knife
cutting mat
steel edge ruler
bone folder
stamp positioner

acrylic block sets
selection of Unmounted stamps

Coloring tools
Color Dusters
cosmetic sponges
black fine point Sharpie
Markers - Vivid
Dove/Tombow blender
colored pencils
Watercolor pencils
water brush

double stick tape
glue stick

Carving materials
gouge handle
extra blades
blocks of soft cut media


Just be aware that, on a plane these days, they'll likely confiscate from that list:
Xacto knife
Small personal trimmer (has blade)

by: Judi K

Just be prepared for bumpy pockets where you color outside the lines because the plane jolts unexpectedly and your hand slides where you hadn't planned. It's fun to see people's reactions to any kind of creative projects when I'm in an airport waiting room or on a train or whatever. I must look like I'm enjoying myself, because it's like a magnet - especially for children (I ask their parents and then hand them a gel pen and a card to work on - amazing how quiet kids can get when they're "working" on a project, and for that matter, how little it bothers me when a plane is delayed and I have something to keep me busy!). My favorite thing is telling the child he or she can keep the pen - I'm always hoping it's like Johnny Appleseed planting the notions of stamping or creativity instead of trees.

On the recent trip, I also took an envelope book (already assembled, envelopes decorated but not with any dates or writing, and pre-punched postcards and disks for making two Rollabind projects. The postcards ended up with lots of collage (torn, no scissors on the plane, and assembled with an adhesive pen and a glue stick), the envelope book got the business cards and things I didn't want to put into the collage.

I forgot to mention that I use a Megatote from Art Bin (Flambeau Products is the parent company for Art Bin) - six plastic boxes stack inside it (one gets mint patties and odds and ends of treats) and it unzips in the front so you can pull the boxes out from the stack without having to take them out one at a time from the top. It's about the size of a large purse and it holds an astounding amount. Boxes come plain and divided. The divided ones have areas long enough for gel pens but not for new colored pencils, so those go in a Ziplock bag in one of the other boxes with the small pencil sharpener - no problem with airport security, but I use a really cheap plastic one just in case someone says I can't have it. If you omit one of the boxes, you can stick a small purse in the top and it counts as one carry-on item (like a briefcase would) and you can still have a suitcase for the overhead.

I forgot to mention one thing: I take a lot of zipper bags with me so I can collect and protect stuff. Nothing worse than an ink pad opening up and getting all over everything surrounding it. I put on a rubber band, then put it in a zipper bag, then inside the plastic box, and I've never had a problem (but I learned the hard way - not a mistake I'd make twice!). I pack the postcards in a bag, too. Keeps them from getting damaged corners.

Toni Pestro

I use a Longaberger basket--it's pretty big: the market basket. I put the following in it.

Fiskars paper cutter
Stamp scrubber and cleaning mist
Plastic Tupperware-like container with scissors, adhesive, pens, pencil, bone folder, and stickles
Favorite stamps of the moment
Black stamp pad
Colored pencils (and sometimes SU water color crayons)

If I have a certain card design in mind (not usually), I try to throw in embellishments & ribbon. This is when it gets really hard for me. I usually "design" (and I use this term lightly) my cards as I go along. This means I really need my roomful of stuff, which I obviously can't carry with me!!

Sallyann Mettler

I would throw in some stamps of images, and definitely 3 or 4 word stamps, but I usually have some images stamped up waiting for me to work on because I love to color them.

So in my kit would be the images, my set of school box type water colors and brushes or a water pen, a bottle of water and a small rinse cup for water coloring, my colored pencils, paper stumps and gamasol, and paper towel, I take a couple of small clip boards and some of that blue painter’s tape (I use these for when I want to watercolor the designs and need to tape them down) I would have my portable paper cutter and my mini score-it. I also keep a small supply of my white paper in the kit, as often I find someone wants to make a few of the images of the stamps I may have with me or I may want a couple they have and I am really fussy about the paper I stamp on because it takes well to both watercolor and colored pencils. Then I have my basic tool kit in a small bag which includes a pencil, my Versafine black ink pad, some liquid glue, a roll of double sided ¼ inch tape, a few adhesive ‘lifters’, a small ruler, a few little brads, and scissors.

As you can tell, I have more supplies I feel I NEED than some folks, so I bought one of those small bags on rollers that you can get at Joann’s (used m 40% off coupon) I love having the bag packed and ready to go.

Actually this is a kit I used to use frequently as it is convenient if I want to go out on the patio and “play” or sometimes I go to a quiet park if my neighborhood is too noisy.

Adrienne OKeeffe

In my stamp class we have a term: BSK….Basic Stamping Kit. When I tell students what to bring for their class, BSK is always at the top of the list. In my opinion, a BSK must contain: Paper trimmer, heat tool, adhesive tape and glue dots, Quickie Glue Pen, pop-ups, scissors, and ruler. These are basic tools that would be used whether stamping is involved or not.

If the project involves stamping, then they should add: Black die ink, VersaMark, basic embossing colors, a few pads of Fluid Chalk, and coloring medium of their choice. When a class requires specific items such as VersaFine Sepia Ink, I always provide this.

Students have come to class with the supplies in all sorts of containers including rolling carts, baskets, boxes etc. About 3 weeks ago about 5 or 6 of them went to JoAnn’s together and purchased soft sided crafting totes that are pink and black. It’s wonderful because they can really pack a lot of stuff in those totes, but they don’t crowd the room as much as the rolling carts. Because they know exactly what they need to bring to each class, they have finally figured it out that they don’t need to bring half their stamping equipment.

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