Stamping Class Essentials

Last Updated 10/14/09

When teaching stamping classes, I find that so many people are unprepared with their essential or basic kit for stamping. I have compiled this list from years of teaching and seeing what folks bring and don't even own yet. This is just an outline and can be added to or reduced, as your individual classes require. I am just sharing this from my own experiences, so feel free to add to the list, so we can all better help our new stampers, or stampers just getting into the teaching phase.

Stamping Essentials: List for Class supplies as deemed by the instructor

dotBlack waterproof ink pad such as Ranger Archival, Memories Black, Ancient Page Black or Black Document ink available online from Evolving Images (remember that even though these are all waterproof ink it does require a drying time so don't rush it)

dotA Basic Palette of regular dye inks are great for collage, sponging, masking techniques.

dotWatercolor Pencils: there are lots of brands from cheap to costly

dotYou may also make a watercolor palette using Marvy markers, and a plastic palette, if you choose not do use watercolor pencils so then you would need a set of Marvy markers or equivalent just be sure they are not pigment markers

dot2 - #3 round brush or brush for water coloring (two of these brushes one for clear water and one for color)

dotStipple brush great for backgrounds stenciling etc. using your dye based inks

dotScissors: plain, and decorative. I like Deckle edge as a basic decorative scissor

dotPencil and paper, or pad for taking your own notes, etc.

dotGlue or glue stick of choice or double stick tape of choice

dotDepending on the project we are doing a flat brush for applying decoupage medium may be required

dotCardstock to make a watercolor palette on, if using watercolor pencils

dotSmall container for water for painting and cleaning brushes

dotPaper towels - White

dotStamp cleaner or equivalent baby wipes (alcohol free), etc.

dotSpritzer bottle for water (optional)

dotSponge (sea sponge or similar)

It's good to be this prepared for Stamp Club meetings as well. Very often our club hostess doesn't have enough scissors, etc. to go around and it's better to come prepared.

Plus, I bring my embossing tool, too. Cuts down on traffic at the instructor-provided embossing area.

Basic Supplies for Stamping Classes

dot2 way glue pen

dot6-inch ruler

dotBaby wipes

dotBlack felt-tip pen

dotBlack memories pad

dotBone folder

dotCardstock (some glossy and some matte)

dotDouble sided tape

dotDry embossing stylus

dotDry paintbrush to brush off excess whatever

dotExacto knife w/extra blades and a small self-healing cutting pad

dotExtra fine point sharpie marker

dotGlue stick

dotKrylon gold leafing pen

dotMemories black inkpad and cleaner

dotPackage of markers for coloring in

dotPaint brushes

dotPen to write with and a notebook



dotRuler or two (depending on the type of class i either bring the short one or the long one or both


dotSmall cutting mat

dotStamp cleaning wipes holder and the pad to rub over to dry them


dotTape runner

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