RAK Gifts for Stampers

Last Updated 10/14/09

3D dots

Accordion book insert

Accordion book made by you for them!

Accordion book supplies so they can make one just like yours!

Acetate stamped frame

Acetate stamped images

All occasion CARD KITS - pretty handy idea.

All occasion STAMPED QUOTES kit! - All in a zippy bag.

Altered book ideas

Background (homemade) layering papers

Background stamped images - just stamp your large background stamps on some cs.

Balloons to stamp on or embellish cards with

Beedz - just a spoonful of any that you have.

Birthday card KITS - we can all use these!

Blank bookmarks

Blank cards

Blank tags

Bookmark kit! Homemade in a zip bag! Everything to make a complete bookmark!

Bookmarks - blank

Bookmarks - homemade

Bows - made of ribbon

Bows - stamped

Buttons - bought or homemade

Calendar - mini stamped

Candy-lots of small enough candy out there that will fit in an envelope! Card fronts from swaps for ideas!

Card fronts from swaps for ideas!

Card insert papers with or with out verses on them

Card kits - homemade in a zip bag! Everything to make a complete card!

Card stock samples

Cards - blank

Cards with a large UNCOLORED image on the front so THEY CAN COLOR it in.

Collage items - pictures etc.

Confetti - bought or made

Container images - bathtubs, basket, jar, couch, etc.

Cork - share some that you have.

Corner stamped images on layering papers-they just stamp and image in the middle and layer it!

Corner stamped images that they can layer on their cards

Crimped images

Crimped layering papers

Crimped quotes

Double stick paper sheets

Embellishments - bought or homemade

Envelope gift bags!

Envelope images - when someone raks you and stamps envelope images on their envy... cut them out and use them to make a card to send back to the person who rak'd you!

Envelope patterns

Envelopes - bought or homemade

Envelopes - mini!

EP sample - just a spoonful of a color that you have!

Explosion inserts - pre-folded! Ready to insert in a card

Extra card for an idea -when you get backed up with too many cards and need to get rid of some.

Faux postage sheets that they can stamp and cut and use

Faux postage stamped images


Felt for layering

FF sample - just a spoonful of a color that you have!

Fiber-string, yarn, metallic threads, etc

Foil paper

Frame Templates - make a few different kinds for them!

Frames - blank

Frames - stamped

Fun foam

Fun foam Frames - cut some out for them!

Fun foam shapes! they can mount them and stamp, glue them in/on cards or scrapbook pages ... etc...

Gift bags that they can stamp on.

Gift box - blank or that you have stamped

Gift tag kits - make up your own kits with the card, stamped image, fiber etc and put in zip bag!

Gift tags - blank or that you have made

Glitter sprayed layering papers

Glitter-just a spoonful of a color that you have!

Glue Sticks

Holiday card KITS - what fun that would be to have on hand!

Images - a zip bag full of birthday images!

Images - stamped all occasion in a zip bag.

Images - stamped on cardstock

Images - stamped on vellum

Instructions - make a copy some of yours and send a sample.

Iris folding card

Iris folding card kit! Make one.

Iris folding paper strips

Iris folding patterns!

Jute string

Labels - blank

Labels - mailing labels with quotes printed or stamped on them!

Labels - mailing labels with their name and address!


Lace, paper - bought or you cut with your Fiskars!

Magic mesh pieces

Match book "kit" that you have made

Match book that you have made

Mounting tape! Cut off a piece and place in the envy for them to use!

Mulberry paper samples

Paint chips

Paper - homemade

Paper - scraps

Paper for layering

Patterns for cards etc

PE samples - just dump a little in a zip bag!

Photo corners bought or homemade

Popup card - blank that they can use!

Popup card templates - trace yours or make your own to share

Popup cards - finished. - One that you have made or received.

Post it note pad - just send a portion of one you have! Stamp some images or leave blank

Post it note pad holder - which you made

Post it note pad holder KIT - that you made

Postage stamps - cancelled

Postage stamps they can use

Punched bookmarks

Punched corners - layering papers

Punched edges - layering papers

Punched images

Punched tags

Quotes - list

Quotes - stamped for layering



Ribbon - wide that can be stamped on

Sand samples

Sealing Wax

Seed packages for planting

Shaker card

Shaker card INSERT ideas!

Shaker card KIT

Stationary that you have made


Stencils that you make using index cards and your punches!

Sticker labels that they can stamp on and use


Stickers - Homemade using Xyron

Sympathy card KITS - we could all use these!

Tags - blank

Tags that you have made

Tags, gift -blank or homemade

Tape - double stick

Tape - mounting

Teabag - for a tea break!

Teabag folding instructions

Teabag folding papers

Teabag tiles

Technique instructions

Template - bought or made

Template for clouds!

Template for grass

Tips on how to use a product or stamping item

Tissue paper

Tissue paper envy

Tissue paper wrapping paper that you have made!

Trading card kits (homemade in a zip bag! Everything to make a complete T. card!)

Trading cards - blank

Trading cards - that you have made

Tri fold cards - pre-cut bought or YOU CUT THEM



Vellum decorative - bought or homemade

Vellum envelopes

Vellum punched shapes/images

Verses stamped on vellum, paper or cardstock for card inserts

Wallpaper samples

Webbing sprayed layering papers

Wiggle eyes

Window cards - precut bought or YOU CUT THEM


Wrapping paper samples for layering

Zippy bags! Just send a few empty zip bags that they can fill up on their own!

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