Projects Using One Stamp

Last Updated 10/14/09

This was submitted by: Barbie Boop and added to by: Jan

Cards with only one-stamp image CAN be made... Lets say you have only ONE STAMP image. How many different cards can you make with it?

Simple Stamp And Color Card: stamp image on card front. Color.

Masked Sponged Image Card: stamp image on card front. Color. Mask. Sponge background on rest of card front!

3-D Layered Card: stamp image on card front. Color. Stamp image 2 more times on scrap cardstock. cut out portions and layer just portions for a 3D look

3-D Layered Background Card: stamp background on card front and back in black ink. Stamp image 3 times on cardstock scrap. COLOR the 3 images. CUT them out. 3D dots them onto your card from over top of any 3 stamped images.

Picture Frame Card: stamp image on card front. Color. Cut paper scrap mask <" smaller than card front. Center it on the card front. Use same image and stamp boarder around edges of exposed card

Pocket Card: create pocket on card front. Fill pocket with confetti, grass and stamped image! Line inside with wallpaper that matches the image colors!

Faux Postage Layered Card: stamp image on paper. Color. Using ruler measure off 1" squares on the back. Cut sections apart with Fiskars postage scissors.

Dry Emboss a picture frame on the card front around the outer edges. Mask card and stamp image over frame section only. Cut a 3" square of cardstock. mask off a frame around the outer edges of this square. Stamp image into a background on inside of square. Layer on card front with square corners up and down, side and side. Stamp image on cardstock scrap. Color and cut. Layer in center of square cardstock.

Vellum Over Image Background: stamp image background on cardstock. layer vellum over top of card. Stamp image once in one corner of vellum. Add bow to match

Cover Stamped Image With Clear Ep Layer: stamp image on card front. Color in. cover entire card front with embossing ink. Cover with clear embossing powder and heat.

Image Pained With Ep's: stamp image. Using paintbrush or clear embossing marker. Color in one section of image at a time. Cover with colored embossing powder. Heat. Continue onto next colored section of image. And next.

Texture Rubbed Color image: stamp image on thin paper. Lay over different "textures" color in sections of image with colored pencils or crayons allowing textures to show through. (Textures meaning: bought texture templates, whicker basket side, plastic needle canvas, etc.)

Wallpaper And Image card: layer wallpaper on card front. Layer stamped, colored image.

Magnet: stamp image. Color. Layer on hard board. Cover with contact paper or laminate. Add magnet.

Popup Card: stamp image background on front of card. Layer/3 D image on card front. Pop up images on inside of card on steps!

Ornament: just stamp image. Cut out. Punch hole. Add hanger!

Book Mark Card!

Book Mark!


Trading Card!

Shaving Cream Background With Image, etc. LOTS of different background techniques you can use!

Acetate stamped image: Stamp image in perm. Ink on acetate. Layer on card.

Cover Acetate with foil, glitter, tissue, PE, etc

Fun Foam Stamped Image: stamp image into heated craft fun foam. Cut and layer on card.

Multi Colored image backgrounds. Choose 2-3 colors ink. Stamp image background using all 3 different colors. Choose one color layering paper to match. Layer stamped image over top of colored layering paper.

Use single image on shrink plastic and use it to embellish the card. (added by Jan)

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