New Stamper - Tips and Hints

Last Updated 10/14/09

Store your markers flat, so the ink stays in contact with the tip better. This is especially helpful, as you are getting a little lower on ink in the marker. Also this allows you to see what colors of markers you have easily. Wrap the almost-dry markers with a piece of masking tape to let me know they're just about out of color, and they are the ones I use for very pale soft color (almost a chalky or pale crayon effect).

Keep each of your inkpads in a small zipper bag with its bottle of the re-inker, so you can re-ink the pad when you are finished using it. This is very helpful when you are doing A LOT of stamping at one time.

When you have rainbow pads (like the Ranger Big n Juicy, etc) keep a piece of cardstock with a few images stamped from different sections of the pad. That way you know what ranges of colors are in ach pad. You can keep the cardstock and the pad in a zipper bag, so it's always together.

A hint that I read in VampStampNews that I thought was great is to store the small brass stencils in a small photo album. Our AC Moore has great small photo albums for $1 each, and I think the album would hold 100 stencils.

I have my mounted stamps on trays, categorized by theme, and I have each tray labeled so I can pull out the tray I need, instead of searching.

I store my large sheets of paper on skirt hangers that have 5 or 6 tiers of clips. I can store about 30 sheets of paper on each skirt hanger, and I can see easily what I have. I also have easy access to it. I have it hanging in front of a closet door - it would be dead space, plus it looks pretty.

When you buy acrylic craft paints, take a drop of the paint and put it on the cover. That way you can see what color it is, without digging through all the bottles. This is also helpful with any type of paint that you may be using. If the lid is slick plastic, put a white stick-on dot on it (like from the office supply store) then put the paint on top of the dot.

hen cutting unmounted stamps on cushion or HALOS, rub an embossing inkpad across the Kai scissors first. Or you can actually just dip the scissors into a bottle of glycerin, but a small embossing pad would work even better. Or you can use baby powder (or corn starch), after you stick the ums on to the cushion or HALOS, just sprinkle baby powder (or corn starch) over the remaining sticky, and then tap off the excess. Effective, but messy.

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