Let's Make A Card

Last Updated 10/14/09

by Barbie Boop

#1 - Tag Shaped Tag Book

1. Cut out a large tag shaped card

2. Stamp background stamp on the front of the card

3. On the inside stamp the same background stamp

4. Cut 2 strips of scrap cardstock and use them to make a pocket on the left and right card middle panels

5. Make/use 2 mini tags

6. Stamp image stamp on one then mask

7. Stamp word stamp on other then mask

8. Stamp background stamp over each masked tags

9. Remove masks

10. Add fiber to match ink

11. Slip mini tags in cardstock strip pockets

#2 - Color Card with Matching Sheer Ribbon

1. Blue cardstock card

2. White cardstock layer with blue word background stamped

3. Wrap blue sheer ribbon around the card front from top to bottom

4. Stamp image in blue ink on white cardstock scrap

5. Cut out and layer in center of blue sheer ribbon

Ideas: use another color- red? Green? Whatever color ink and sheer ribbon you have that match!


Dab wet teabag all over cardstock for an antiqued look. GREAT RECYCLING!

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