Inexpensive Gift Ideas for Rubber Stampers

Last Updated 10/14/09

Looking for some inexpensive ideas of what to send to the person you are the Secret Pal, Secret Sender, or TRIBE member of? Well, Here is a list of some ideas that I have compiled from email messages on the Rubberstampers Email List, the RubberTown Email List and various other places:

Use your punches and make some confetti (Legionette)

Trace and cut out box, card and envelope patterns (laminate if you want) that you already have. (Legionette)

Make her some rubber stamped art jewelry from shrink plastic. Or some pins she can where to conventions. (Legionette)

Dry or pressed flowers from your garden.

Go through the sewing box and make up a baggie of trims, buttons, bows, etc.

Make some cookies, candy or fudge.

Carve your own stamps out of erasers.

Use your brayer or sponges to make some background paper.

Stamp your images on matte or glossy cardstock for your pal for to use with her own cards.

Gift wrap, it makes nice layering and envelope paper.

Sponges are cheap.

Make a really fabulous card, then send her the stuff to make her own with instructions.

Make little books or magnets.

Send extra and unwanted copies of catalogs and magazines.

Wallpaper samples.

Cheap baubles from a fabric store like lace, ribbon, buttons, etc.

If you have graphics software, make her some address labels with clipart or stamped art.

Make up some background paper using your computer. Even if your printer is only a black and white printer, you can make up some nice designs using colored papers.

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