Gifts using Rubberstamps

Last Updated 10/14/09

1. Painting terra cotta plant pots with patio paint

2. Marble magnets

3. Mason Jar with Lights magnets

4. Jar Mixes #2 magnets

5. How about clocks? You can get inexpensive clocks at Walmart, K-Mart, etc. These are usually the ones with either a white or black "frame" on them. You remove the front piece (snaps out), then remove the hands (usually they have a little screw that holds them in), and then remove the paper with the numbers on it. You can either stamp/decorate the existing paper, or use it as a template to create your own. I've made a couple of them but rather than completely stamp them, I used my graphic program to do most of the background design, and then stamped the rest of the design. This way, I was able to use a different font for the numbers rather than the one that was on the existing paper.

6. Treasure boxes (paint/stamp/embellish papier-mbchi Boxes)

7. Little notebooks (make your own or start with ones from $$ store or office supply and cover with decorative paper/paint/stamp/embellishments/etc.)

8. Decorated Altoid tins, with or without something inside

9. Decorated Post-It note pad holders

10. Set of hand-decorated cards or stationery

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