General Rubber Stamping Ideas

Last Updated 10/14/09

by Barbie Boop

Some people are newbies to stamping and some are oldies, some just need reminders. So, lets make a list of tips we can use.

1. Make your own shadow stamps by cutting shapes out of craft fun foam. Use your Fiskars scissors!

2. Heat craft fun foam and stamp an image into it. Cut around the image and layer on a card, or attach it to a barrette, or hair elastic.

3. Heat craft fun foam and press onto different items. Baskets, screen door, tiles, money, paperclips etc. Then use as a background stamp!

4. Junk mail/bill mail: look inside envies before throwing them away. Junk mail envies or bill envies have some pretty neat layering paper on the inside of the envy!

5. Look inside boxes - pasta, boxed dinners, cereal etc. Some have neat specks in them. You can layer them on cards. Stamp on them, cut them out and use as card embellishments! Stamp buttons on them! Use the cardboard for making templates. Cut the top of the box off and cover the box with wallpaper, decorative paper, and contact paper. Punch 2 holes on each box side top and add a string for a neat gift box bag.

6. When stamping cards, always keep a stack of scrap paper next to you. Stamp your images off onto the paper then clean your stamps. You will have matching paper to make envies for your cards!

7. Felt can be layered on cards! You can cut it into shapes and stamp with it.

8. Foam meat trays can be heated with heat gun and stamped into! You can cut the trays into pieces and use as 3d dots! Draw designs into meat trays and you can use them as background stamps. Just draw images, squiggles etc. Brayer some ink over the meat tray, lay cardstock over the ink and rub with hands to get the ink onto your cardstock.

9. When you buy new towels. . Wash and dry them. Then save the lint and use as fun flock or as fiber in papermaking!

10. Fake nails glue is great to use to adhere bows to cards

11. Nail polish is great to use on cards. Especially the glitter! I love it. Boarders. Flower middles, wings, eyes, noses, etc.

12. Eye shadow/powder blush can be used on cards in place of chalk! I buy it at the dollar tree. Or use my girl's leftovers. . Tip: weather strip/truck-camper mounting tape is great for shaker cards!!! Wal-Mart sells it.

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