10 Reason to Buy Rubber Stamps

Last Updated 10/14/09

1. It helps keep the economy going. It is our patriotic duty to support rubber farmers, lumber mills, rubber stamp shops and catalog order dealers.

2. It is less expensive and more fun that psychiatric care.

3. I'm participating in a contest- The one who dies with the most rubber stamps wins.

4. They keep without refrigeration, you don't have to cook them to enjoy them, you never have to feed them, change them, wipe their noses or walk them.

5. Because I'm worth it.

6. When the Big Earthquake comes, all the rubber stamp shops might be swallowed into the ground and never be seen again.

7. Stress from dealing with the Rubber Stamp Control Officer (DH) made me do it.

8. It's not immoral, illegal, or fattening. It calms the nerves, gratifies the soul, and makes me feel good.

9. Buy rubber stamps now, before your husband retires and goes with you on all your shopping expeditions.

10. A stamp a day is all the rubber stamp shops of America ask.

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