The Perfect Pillow Puff Template

Last Updated 10/14/09

Available from: Snooks & Boo

This is a wonderful template makes it easy to create a Pillow Puff Box. The size of the finished box is 3.5" by 6". It fits on an 8 x 11 sheet of cardstock. It is made of flexible heavy duty plastic with directions included. It is easy to use, just trace the outline onto your cardstock, then before you cut it out, run a bone folder into the slots to make the score line to fold it.

I have used templates that you print onto your cardstock in the past, but this was much easier. Having the slots to make the score lines made it easy to score the curved lines at the ends. I really liked being able to use heavier cardstock than what would go thru my printer. What I really liked is that by using my own cardstock I can cover the cardstock with a variety of papers, old calendars, wrapping papers, or fabric. You could even stamp your design on the outside (and inside if you wish) before you put it together. With this template, your favorite cutting tool, some adhesive, and your imagination to design the perfect Pillow Puff Box for every occasion.

I was able to make the perfect box for a bridal shower gift for a co-worker. Since her family wanted all the gifts wrapped in exactly the same paper, I was able to use some heavy cardstock to make the box, then covered it outside with the special paper, and then lined the inside with fabric. When the bride-to-be opened the box, she not only passed around the gift, she passed around the box too - I was asked where I bought a box that was lined with fabric. No one believed that I made it myself.

I will be using this template over and over again - especially during the holidays, but also for occasions during the year. I am so glad that someone finally made a template for these boxes.

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