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Last Updated 10/14/09

by MaryJo McGraw

Produced by Page Sage - available at

Personally, I really like Mary McGraw, and have all of her books. While some of the techniques have been covered in her books, for me, seeing the techniques done in a step by step manner really has encouraged me to try the techniques. Seeing these projects being done "before my eyes" showed me that they are easy to do, are quick and yet they give results that look like you took hours to create the effect.

Watching this was like being in a class with MaryJo as the teacher. While I have never had the honor of attending one of her classes, I felt like she was there helping me thru the projects.

The filming is great - mostly close-ups of what was being shown - very professionally done. I have rarely seen "how to" videos of this quality.

When you go to the menu of the DVD, not only can you choose to play the DVD from beginning to end and see all the projects, you can go to an individual project. To me, this is one of the best things about the DVD format.

Sections include:
The Projects
The Interactive Gallery is great! Not only can you go to project section from any image in the gallery - MaryJo gives you tips during the slide show of the gallery.

Each Project starts out telling you what supplies you will need. They are also listed inside the covers of the DVD which is helpful. The Projects include:

Ink Basics - This has great information on inkpads including how to re-ink your pads and how to ink stamps using various ink pads.

Glazing with Glue - I really liked this section - easy to do and quick (with the exception of the drying time) with great results - I especially liked the tips on edging cards with a Krylon Pen

Quick Collage - This section has great tips on creating collages. It goes hand-in-hand with the next section.

Collage Veneer - Creating collages using heavy laminating film. I have always liked the way these looked, but never tried it until I seen how easy it was to do.

Glazed Metallics - Great technique that can be used for a lot of wonderful cards, altered books and more.

Faux Fresco - Wow, I seen cards using this technique before, but never knew how to do it. A wonderful technique that is easy to do but creates a great effect.

Catalina Tiles - Great shrink plastic idea, creating 3D shrink plastic "tiles".

Quick Cards - Great looking cards in less than 5 minutes each (not counting drying time). I will be using these techniques a lot. Easy to do, yet gives wonderful results.

Heirloom cards - using Mica and copies of old photos. I can see using this technique in scrapbooks also.

Mini Book - Imagine using old computer diskettes for book covers. I wouldn't have thought of it! I am not a "book maker" but this project has inspired me to try it.

The ExtrasSection has some great features in it. It was a great addition to the DVD. It includes:

Tips - Here you can choose specific techniques from the DVD that interest you, or that you want to see again. Great if there was a specific technique/tip that you want/need to see again.

Tools and Supplies - MaryJo tells you what tools "every stamper" should have in their supplies, then tells you what supplies she really likes to use.

More MaryJo McGraw - This section tells you about her books - each with a short description of each book.

Stamps used - I like being able to find out where to get the stamps that I seen in the video - great addition to the DVD - so many times I see an image on a video or DVD that I would like to have, but have no idea where to get it.

DVD Credits - List of all the people who helped out in making the DVD.

Bloopers - Not very long, but shows that even professionals make mistakes.

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