Got Clay Can Play

Last Updated 10/14/09

Book Review: Got Clay Can Play
Subject: Polymer Clay

Author: Garie Sim


I highly recommend this book for teachers, parents and group leaders alike. It has photographs showing the step-by-step instructions, which make it easy learn to use polymer clay. The book helps children improve their fine motor skills and learn to follow directions.

There are a total of 12 projects in the book. But by using their imagination, the children can take what they have learned and go beyond the directions and create just about anything they want.

The emphasis is on having fun with kids. You start at the beginning of so that the children learn about working with polymer clay. You teach them how to make the basic shapes in the clay so that they learn what shapes are needed to create their project.

By recycling discarded items, the child can begin to create a variety of items. Starting with a dinosaur that turns his head and moves his tail, to a flipping dog, and the most exciting for kids, the exploding volcano! This would be a great item for a science fair project.

I used this book with my grandkids and they had a blast! We started at the front of the book learning all about polymer clay and how to use it, and continued going through each project and learning along the way. With patience and adult help, I think younger children can create most of the projects.

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