Fabricadabra Material Magic

Last Updated 10/14/09

by Sandra McCall

Produced by Page Sage - available at http://www.pagesage.com

coverSandra McCalls unique style of richly colored and layered designs comes to live in this DVD as she takes you through each project. Each section tells you what supplies & tools that you need – the great part is that Sandra tells you not just only what you need, but gives details on each item. As she is showing you each project – there are “info” boxes that show up with information that gives you a little more information on what Sandra is showing you or telling you about.

Sandra’s emphasizes over and over again to “play” with the projects, that there aren’t any mistakes you can make because you are making your own art. I really like that approach to the DVD.

Sections include:
The Projects
The Interactive Gallery is great! Not only can you go to project section from any image in the gallery

The Projects:

Each Project starts out telling you what supplies you will need. They are also listed inside the covers of the DVD which is helpful. The Projects include:

Painted Muslin - Using plain muslin, acrylic paints, foam brushes and rubberstamps, Sandra shows you how to create beautiful fabric.

Tiny Tomes - Using the beautiful fabric you created in the first project - Sandra shows you how to create a wonderful mini book. The steps are easy to do and you can create your own "tiny tome" in the time it takes to watch the DVD!.

Fabric Beads - the close-ups are great - they really show you what Sandra is doing when she is creating the fabric beads. Really makes it easy to see exactly what she is doing

Simply Satchels - This uses both the Painted Muslin and the Fabric Beads you created in the previous two projects.

The Fabric Charms and Fabric Beads show some a great ways to use up those small scraps of leftover scraps of your Painted Muslin. Sandra gives a lot of good detail on how to create not only the Fabric Charm Bracelet, but how to do soldering, how to create an eye pin, and more.

Velvet Scarves - Using stamps, bleach, rubberstamps, and permanent inks along with beads you learn to create a wonderful embellished velvet scarf. Sandra takes you thru doing velvet embossing, then bleaching the images, coloring them and finally embellishing the scarf with beads & tucking and adding a beaded fringe.

Embellished Ensemble - Embellishing purchased clothing - using the techniques you learned in the Painted Muslin section - you embellish clothing you already have or that you have purchased specially for embellishing. Sandra shows you how to add trim, beads and more to the clothing using fabric glue.

Extras include:

I love these extras, they add a lot to the DVD.

Bead Tray - how to make a inexpensive, easy to make bead tray.

Tips from Projects - lists the tips used in the projects so you can go directly to the tip/technique quickly. Great if you want to get a refresher on a particular technique.

Bloopers - great bloopers here and the on screen comments make them even funnier.

Stamps used in Projects - tells you what company makes the stamps used in the projects

Metric Conversions - a great help for those of us who sometimes can't remember the conversion from inches to centimeters.

PageSage DVDs - Tells about other DVDs that are available from PageSage.

DVD Credits

Interactive Gallery

Over 50 pieces of sample artwork. One of the "trademarks" for PageSage DVDs is while the gallery is paging by you are able to go from the projects you see directly to the how-to section of the DVD for the technique used. During the viewing of the Gallery, Sandra talks about Inspiration and where she finds her inspiration and her art.

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