Fiskars Desktop Rotary Trimmer

12 inch/30 cm Desktop Rotary Trimmer

I had a stroke in 2006, and had to find tools that would allow me to do my scrapbook, rubberstamp and paper crafts projects safely. After buying a number of cutters/trimmers that weren't quite what I needed, I came across this one at my local Costco. Ever the optimist, I bought this trimmer, hoping it would be the "perfect" one.

My optimism was rewarded this time. With only two small disadvantages, this cutter has features that made it easy for me to safety use it.

It cuts a full 12" cut length and you can cut several pieces of card stock at once - depending on the thickness of the cardstock It has a smudge guard that allows you to hold the paper while cutting, and that keeps your fingers out of harms way - that is a big plus for me. Has grid lines that helps you make accurate measurements. It can make very skinny cuts - great for getting that tiny sliver of paper. Rubberized feet keep it from sliding - though if you are sitting at a table covered with paper (like at a crop), it does slide a little. It is light weight and has a rail lock holds the rail in place for extra safety when moving, or if your kids/grandkids are scrapping with you. It has extra decorative blades that are easy to change and inexpensive.

The only disadvantages are: Having to lift up the cutting strip before each trim, and having to press down the blade using my palm. But with all the advantages it has, these are minor disadvantages.

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