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When you are using a glue gun, at some point you probably wished it was cordless. You had to either gather up extension cords or somehow figure out how to safely get the glue gun and your project near each other. If you are like me, you drape the cords and still have to stretch to get the two closer together.

Now there is a solution to the cords and stretching – enter the COLDHEAT Glue Gun. When I received this, I thought that it was all flash and sparklers. Was I completely wrong, this glue gun does it all. From the sleek look to the power save mode to the low battery light, it is a great tool.

We were building a platform for our couch and couldn’t get the tiny nails to go into the wood so we could nail screw everything together. I grabbed the COLDHEAT glue gun to see if it would hold the pieces together so we could add the screws. My husband looked at the glue gun and said “That’s not going to work, but we’ll try it anyway, it can’t hurt”. I glued down one piece of the brace, and the waited a minute or so for the glue to set. My husband grabbed the screwdriver and with a doubting look started to screw it down. When it held together, we both said I think this may work, and continued to finish the platform.

The COLDHEAT Glue Gun not only shut down when we left it sitting more than 8 minutes, but when the low battery light came on, it worked for another 30 seconds or so. That was great because we were at the end of the project. The batteries will last up to 1.5 hours per charge. You can also buy additional batteries so when the low battery light flashes; you can just switch the batteries and continue your project.

It uses low temperature mini glue sticks, in both short and long lengths. They recommend you use the COLDHEAT brand glue sticks for best results and maximum battery life. I used up the glue sticks that came with the COLDHEAT Glue Gun, so I had to use some other low heat one that I had for awhile. I don’t know if it was that my glue sticks were old, but it did seem like the glue gun was taking longer to heat them.

My recommendation, if you are looking to buy a glue gun, check this one out, at $29.95 it is a great product. Visit them at

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