An Altered Journey

Last Updated 10/14/09

by Tim Holtz

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I had heard about Tim Holtz and how great his classes were. This DVD is very inspiring, and I can now understand what all the talk was about. Tom is a great teacher and inspires you to not only try new techniques, but to use what you learned in your own way. I am very impressed not only with the techniques shown, but with the projects themselves. The mini-galleries at the end of each project are wonderful as Tim describes the items he is showing.

Great ideas and projects - not only for cards, but for scrapbook pages, fabric and decorative items like frames, boxes and more.

Projects include:

Brushless Watercolor - great tips on inking stamps using multiple inkpads. Goes from how to do Brushless Watercolor into making quick cards from the images you have stamped and adding paper scraps and other embellishments.

Distressing with Ink - includes great information on distressing. Project is the one page book with pockets and tags. We are also shown star books and told how to create them from the one page books

Alcohol Ink Agates - beautiful background technique!

Brayered Embossing - this is using foil tape and punched out words or images. Expands on the Alcohol Ink Agate technique.

Faux Batik - great technique for light weigh fabrics and light weight papers.

Fragments from Clay - creating artwork out of polymer clay & pigment powders to use as pins, pendants or embellishments

Domino Diary - creating a small book using dominos as the covers. The instructions cover everything from making the signatures for the book to creating the domino covers. These would make great gifts as pins or pendants.

Faux Soldering - using microscope slides or glass pieces, creating pins, pendants, embellishments for cards and/or scrapbook pages.

Altered Scrapbooking - cutting niches in foam to hold 3D embellishments.

Gallery - One of the "trademarks" for PageSage DVDs is while the gallery is paging by you are able to go from the projects you see directly to the how-to section of the DVD for the technique used. Also, you get to hear comments from Tom about inspiration, designing and creativity.

Extras Include:

Tips from Projects - lists the tips used in the projects so you can go directly to the tip/technique quickly. Great if you want to get a refresher on a particular technique.

Bloopers - great bloopers here and the on screen comments make them even funnier.

Stamps used in Projects - tells you what company makes the stamps used in the projects

Supplies used in Projects - tells you what company makes the supplies used in the projects

Metric Conversions - a great help for those of us who sometimes can't remember the conversion from inches to centimeters.

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