Robomaster/Craftrobo Software

Here are are various versions of the Robomaster/Craftrobo Softare.

I suggest you download versions 2.4, 4 and 5.1.

Download the various versions of the Robomaster/CraftRobo software
and install them in different directories,
and put links to them on your desktop.

Make sure to put the version # on each shortcut.

Version 2.4

Version 4.4

Version 5.1

If you are having a problem opening a file,
try these two programs.

1. Test the files without converting them to make sure that you can't read it
2. Run Wishaway, and then try to open it
3. If that doesn't work, run the GSD converter on the original file, and then try to open it
4. If that doesn't work, run the Wishaway on the converted file, and then try to open it
As per the programmer of the converter writes, Please note: Whilst I have tested as many files as possible without any problems, this converter may not work with all files.  

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Wishaway Program    Wishaway Directions

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