Scrapbook Angel List

Last Updated 10/14/09

Here are the Names and Policy Angel List of Scrapbook Companies who are happy for stampers to use their rubber stamps to HANDSTAMP work that they wish to sell. Most of the companies do not need you to get special permission from them to use their stamps in this way, though a few do.

Information for this list has been provided by the companies themselves. The information contained in this is believed to be correct, BUT TO INSURE THAT YOU GET THE MOST CORRECT INFORMATION, please contact the companies themselves. Send any corrections to:
ANGEL POLICY: We are an Angel company!

4th Generation Stamp Company
ANGEL POLICY: We are an Angel company!

A Country Welcome
INTERNET: A Country Welcome
ANGEL POLICY: Images may be used to sell items of handstamped art. No mechanical reproductions allowed.

A Stampin Places Yellow Rose Art Stamps
ANGEL POLICY: We are an Angel company!

ANGEL POLICY: AccuCut encourages use of its copyrighted shapes in personal and commercial endeavors. Customers do not need to secure prior approval from AccuCut to use its products to make handmade creations to be sold. AccuCut shapes may not be mechanically reproduced or digitized, including for use in electronic cutters, regardless of personal or commercial use.

Addicted To Scrapbooking
INTERNET: Addicted To Scrapbooking
ANGEL POLICY: We are an Angel Company!

After Midnight Art Rubber Stamps
INTERNET: After Midnight Art Rubber Stamps
ANGEL POLICY: We are more than happy to have you use our stamps on projects, artwork, jewelry, whatever, that you plan to sell. Our only requirement is that you purchase at least one of the stamps. You can then enlarge or reduce the image as necessary for your projec

Alliance Paper Corp.
INTERNET: Alliance Paper Corp.
ANGEL POLICY: once you buy the paper it is yours to with as you wish. There are no trade mark restrictions or anything of that nature. We sell paper to various businesses for various end uses. Everything imaginable has been made and can be made using our papers.

Anna Griffin
INTERNET: Anna Griffin
ANGEL POLICY: Anna Griffin Inc. products are especially designed for the enjoyment and creativity of our consumers. In support of the creative industry, we allow consumers to use our products (papers, embellishments and stamps) to create a limited number of handmade, original projects to sell at craft shows and at other small venues as long as they comply with the following guidelines in our Angel Policy; Designs must be handmade and not mechanically reproduced (no photocopies or scans) or mass produced (over 50 of each design). Projects incorporating our designs may not be sold in retail stores or on the internet. Individuals cannot represent themselves or their product as being affiliated with Anna Griffin. You may not use Anna Griffin Inc. copyrighted material for the purpose of creating logos, trademark, trade name, or trade dress or be used in any manner that is considered harmful towards Anna Griffin Inc. Unauthorized use, scanning or reproducing of our products or designs is strictly prohibited by law.

INTERNET: Archivers
ANGEL POLICY: We don’t have a stated policy but we have no problem with customers using our products on projects that may be sold or exhibited.

Arnold Grummer’s Paper Making
INTERNET: Arnold Grummer’s Paper Making
ANGEL POLICY: Casting molds can be used to make handmade cards and projects for sale. No limit.

ARTchix Studio
INTERNET: ARTchix Studio
ANGEL POLICY: We are artists too and love helping out our fellow artists. Please feel free to sell your artwork using any of our products. We appreciate you noting us as a source for your supplies whenever possible.

Auntie Amy Stamps
INTERNET: Auntie Amy Stamps
ANGEL POLICY: No mass marketing. (To us that means you can’t copy it and put mechanically reproduce it). You bought the stamp, you can make and sell anything you wish.

Aussie Stamps and Crafts
ANGEL POLICY: We encourage the use of our designs in your handstamped ORIGINAL WORK, ( which you may sell ). However, our catalogue is NOT TO BE USED AS CLIPART, or to be reproduced by any electronic means or reproduced into stamps.

Basic Bear Extraordinary Designs
INTERNET: Basic Bear Extraordinary Designs
ANGEL POLICY: Wed love to be on your list as a company that does not mind if you use our product on ANYTHING.

Bazzill Basics Paper
INTERNET: Bazzill Basics Paper
ANGEL POLICY: You may use our products in your business.

Beary Patch Wholesale
INTERNET: Beary Patch Wholesale
ANGEL POLICY: Beary Patch is proud to allow scrapbookers and craft persons to use any of our products to make items for resale in limited quantities. Beary Patch images are protected by copyright. Any mechanical, computer, or assembly line type reproduction of our images is prohibited. We reserve the right to restrict the use of any Beary Patch product at our sole discretion.

Blockheads Rubber Stamps and Accessories
INTERNET: Blockheads Rubber Stamps and Accessories
ANGEL POLICY: Please feel free to handstamp our images on products for sale as many times as you like. Make as many cards, bookmarks, clothing items, purses, or wall art as you wish. If you make something especially wonderful, consider sending us a photograph or sample

ANGEL POLICY: We are an Angel company!

Brown Bag Fibers
ANGEL POLICY: No restrictions on use

CD Designs
ANGEL POLICY: I would be thrilled if you used my stamps for your projects, I just ask that if possible you credit C.C. Designs Rubber Stamps. Please remember that your usage is only for handstamped items only. This means NO reproductions by mechanicals means. NO mechanical, electronic, or computer scanning. NO printing or copying.

Cloud 9
ANGEL POLICY: All of our products were created to be used by crafters to create items to sell!

Cloud 9 Design
ANGEL POLICY: I dont have a problem with you using our papers in your scrapbooks that you are making for your customers.

Club Scrap
INTERNET: Club Scrap
ANGEL POLICY: Although Club Scrap designs are copyrighted we will be happy to grant permission for the use of our products when creating handmade products for sale. We require appropriate credit be given to Club Scrap. No mechanical or electronic means may be used for

Cock A Doodle Designs
ANGEL POLICY: You are authorized to incorporate CADD products in your albums. Said products must be of original manufacture by Cock-A-Doodle Design, Inc. You may not copy said products. If you plan to publish your works, you do not need special permission to do so, unless you are going to receive monetary remuneration for the same.

Crafty Kids Craft and Stamping Home
ANGEL POLICY: Our own stamp range is Angel. Other stamp ranges we sell are generally Angel with a few specific exceptions.

Crazy Stamps
ANGEL POLICY: When permission is requested in writing, we do permit you to use our stamps to make items which you are selling locally for pocket money. We only require that you give Crazy Stamps credit for our designs on the item(s) or packaging.

Creative Impressions Store
INTERNET: Creative Impressions Store
ANGEL POLICY: Feel free to use our line of stamps for handstamped cards and gifts for sale, please do not resize and reproduce items.

Creative Paper Crafts: Angelas Craft Centre
INTERNET: Creative Paper Crafts: Angelas Craft Centre
ANGEL POLICY: All patterns published on our web site are for the benefit of the home-crafter to inspire and develop their own artistic ability. Reproduction of our designs for commercial gain is limited to prior written approval. Reproduction of any text by other web

Creative Xpress
ANGEL POLICY: We are an Angel company!

ANGEL POLICY: Please give us credit for pages made with our designs.

Cutting Edge Designs
ANGEL POLICY: We are fine with someone purchasing a CE pattern and creating a single layout from that pattern if it is part of an album they make for hire. If they want to use the pattern for multiple albums (also for hire), they should purchase individual patterns for each customer. In other words, making multiple copies of the pattern for a profit violates our copyright. This includes selling already made CE patterns on ebay (not allowed).

Daisy Ds Paper Co.
INTERNET: Daisy Ds Paper Co.
ANGEL POLICY: We do not have any problem with you using our papers for your business

Debbie Mumm
INTERNET: Debbie Mumm
ANGEL POLICY: We are happy to grant permission for this purpose provided these guidelines are followed: * Each handcrafted item must be personally and individually handmade and may not be reproduced or copied in any form by any means, graphic, electronic, or mechanical, including photocopying. * Mass production is prohibited. * Handcrafted items may be sold only at craft fairs, community fundraisers, other temporary craft events, or from the crafters home. * The Debbie Mumm name, trademarks, or logos cannot be used in any manner to advertise or promote the sale of handcrafted items.

Designs Galore
ANGEL POLICY: We have no problem for people to use our products, as long as our original papers are used. This means no reproduction of any kind.

Destination Stickers and Stamps
ANGEL POLICY: You are welcome to use our Journey Stamps in your creations as long as all images are handstamped and not reproduced in any other way. The same goes for our State of Mine Stickers. You can use as many as you want as long as they are not photocopied, scanned, etc. in any other way.

Draggin’ Ink
INTERNET: Draggin’ Ink
ANGEL POLICY: see previous description

Eclectic Impressions Rubber Stamps
INTERNET: Eclectic Impressions Rubber Stamps
ANGEL POLICY: Our Angel policy applies to our stamps as well as the ebook of verses.

EK Success
ANGEL POLICY: We appreciate your interest and enthusiasm shown towards the many creative products, images and designs produced by EK Success. They are designed with you in mind for your use, your enjoyment, and most of all, for your personal expression. In the interest of a creative industry and the pleasure that one gets in sharing their crafting abilities with others, we are pleased to allow the following limited license to use our copyrighted product designs. This Angel Policy is specifically made for the purpose of creating craftworks for sale in limited quantities in a local geographic location. The use of EK Success’ designs and images is subject to the terms and conditions outlined in the Angel Policy Guidelines Sheet (PDF). If you are interested in requesting permission to use EK Success designs you will need to access and print out the Angel Policy Permission Form and follow the directions provided.

Emagination Crafts
INTERNET: Emagination Crafts
ANGEL POLICY: You can use our products in your items for resale as long as somewhere on the project our company name is mentioned and if the item is sold in a chain store, we must be notified for approval.

Embossing Powder Candy Store
INTERNET: Embossing Powder Candy Store
ANGEL POLICY: We are an Angel company!

Enchanted Forest Paper Stuff
ANGEL POLICY: You can use our papers for any project you want. :o)

Endless Creations, Inc. Rubber Stamps
INTERNET: Endless Creations, Inc. Rubber Stamps
ANGEL POLICY: Limit production to 25 of each design

Everafter Arts
ANGEL POLICY: We are an Angel company!

Evolving Images Rubber Stamp Designs
INTERNET: Evolving Images Rubber Stamp Designs
ANGEL POLICY: We are an Angel company! Stamp, Stamp, Stamp and Sell, Sell, Sell!

Eyelet Outlet
INTERNET: Eyelet Outlet
ANGEL POLICY: Anyone can use our eyelets in items they sell

FairyTale Scrapbook Creations, Inc.
INTERNET: FairyTale Scrapbook Creations, Inc.
ANGEL POLICY: Our templates can be used to create unique gifts and scrapbook pages.

Fancy Pages!
INTERNET: Fancy Pages!
ANGEL POLICY: We have no problem with using our products in creating scrapbooks for others or blank scrapbooks for resale.

Frog’s Whiskers Ink
INTERNET: Frog’s Whiskers Ink
ANGEL POLICY: We support a limited Angel Policy. The policy is a follows ....... - no mechanical reproduction of Rosewood Images is permitted without written permission - you may hand stamp to a maximum of 100 images per year for personal use or for sale at craft fairs, home parties, and such. All images must be marked Rosewood or RWD Unmounted: Yes

Handmade Papers
ANGEL POLICY: We are an Angel company! - no limits on use.

Heartwarming Expressions
INTERNET: Heartwarming Expressions
ANGEL POLICY: Of course you can use any of our stickers that you purchase

Heavenshope Rubberstamps
INTERNET: Heavenshope Rubberstamps
ANGEL POLICY: Handstamped images only may be used on items for sale.

Hollymark Stamps
ANGEL POLICY: We are a company allows you to use our stamps to create and sell your own handcrafted items. We only ask that you use a provided stamp of our company on your products

Hot Off The Press
INTERNET: Hot Off The Press
ANGEL POLICY: We have no problem with people buying our products and using them to create scrapbooks for sale or for personal use. The only stipulation is that no one can legally copy our products--that is, they cannot take a sheet of our patterned paper and photocopy it.

Ichiyo Art Center, Inc.
INTERNET: Ichiyo Art Center, Inc.
ANGEL POLICY: We are an Angel company!

Impression Obsession, Inc.
INTERNET: Impression Obsession, Inc.
ANGEL POLICY: You may sell creations made with our stamps as long as the stamp images are handstamped. No mechanical reproduction is permitted.

Jackkyll Scraps
ANGEL POLICY: We are an Angel company!

Just One More Stamp
ANGEL POLICY: Just One More Stamp is an Angel company. This is defined as a company that allows the consumer to use purchased stamps on cards that they are either selling or giving away.

K and Company
INTERNET: K and Company
ANGEL POLICY: You can use theirs, but only to make items for a specific customer. No premade pages to post on ebay.

K I Memories
INTERNET: K I Memories
ANGEL POLICY: Please feel free to use our products in your page design. Of course, the products are not to be copied and reprinted for sale without our permission, as they are copyrighted.

Karen Foster Design
INTERNET: Karen Foster Design
ANGEL POLICY: We are an Angel company!

L Paper Designs
ANGEL POLICY: You can use our product to create scrapbooks for other people, but you can not use our products to create blank scrapbook pages that you want to sell.

Lasting Impressions for Paper, Inc.
ANGEL POLICY: Yes, we do grant permission for individuals to use our products and designs in handcrafted items for resale. First you must fill out the consent form in the Attachments and then mail or fax it into our office. Our fax number is 1.801.298.1983. We will the

Lil Davis Designs
ANGEL POLICY: You have our permission to use Lil Davis Designs laser cut shapes in the scrapbooks you make and sell for others. You also have our permission to use our shapes in your marketing materials. Please credit Lil Davis Designs at all times possible.

Lockhart Stamp Company
ANGEL POLICY: The Lockhart Stamp company is proud to be an Angel company. We are pleased that you would choose our stamps for your projects! We ask that all such projects using our images are hand-stamped. No mechanical reproduction/manipulation of any kind is allowed. We also require a letter requesting permission to use our stamps in this way and an explanation as to how specifically they will be used. The Lockhart Stamp company, 6501 141st Place NE, Redmond, WA 98052; 425-881-1627 A letter of consent will then be issued to you via return mail. Thank you again for choosing The Lockhart Stamp company!

ANGEL POLICY: We are an Angel company!.

Lynn R Papercrafts
ANGEL POLICY: The Arte Rojo line of stamps can be used to make cards etc for sale as long as they are handstamped

Ma Vincis Reliquary
INTERNET: Ma Vincis Reliquary
ANGEL POLICY: You may do whatever you like creatively with Ma Vincis Stamps

ANGEL POLICY: We are happy for you to use our products in the albums you create for others or the pre-embellished pages you sell. We do not have a standard prewritten Angel policy, but we grant permission to whoever asks us.

Making Memories
INTERNET: Making Memories
ANGEL POLICY: We do, we just require you note what products are Making Memories.

Me and My Big Ideas
INTERNET: Me and My Big Ideas
ANGEL POLICY: You are welcome to make scrapbook pages with our stickers for resale. However, we do not approve the reproduction of our artwork in any way. (You can not copy our artwork or your pages and sell the copies.)

Memory Box
INTERNET: Memory Box
ANGEL POLICY: You may sell your handstamped (no mechanical reproduction) cards for profit. For any questions, contact us.

Mouse Connections
INTERNET: Mouse Connections
ANGEL POLICY: Mouse Connections is an Angel company. Our images are copyrighted. Mechanical reproductions of our images in any form is strictly prohibited. This means no clip art either. We give permission to our customers to sell their hand-stamped creations at cr

Mrs. Grossmans Paper Company
INTERNET: Mrs. Grossmans Paper Company
ANGEL POLICY: You have our permission to use our product in the scrapbooks that you complete for resale. However, you cannot photo copy our sticker design in anyway of shape or form. If your have any further questions or concern, please feel free to contact me at 800-

Northern Spy
INTERNET: Northern Spy
ANGEL POLICY: We are an Angel company!

NRN Designs
ANGEL POLICY: If you purchase products of ours from a retailer it becomes your property. Using our products of course is not a problem. You can post our products that have been used on you website.

NuCentury Freehand Art Products
ANGEL POLICY: We sell our products so that consumers can use it for whatever they want. If they want to make products with it for resale, No problem!

On the Lake Creations
INTERNET: On the Lake Creations
ANGEL POLICY: On the Lake Creations is an Angel company. We encourage artists/crafters to use our rubber stamp images in your work. Please no mechanical reproduction of our images is allowed. Thank you.

Orchard View Stickers
INTERNET: Orchard View Stickers
ANGEL POLICY: What a customer does with her stickers is entirely up to her, but we would be very happy if someone used our stickers for a project that she was able to sell.

ANGEL POLICY: As long as there is no mechanical or technical reproduction of any products you will be fine.

Paper Adventures
INTERNET: Paper Adventures
ANGEL POLICY: There is no problem with you using our paper in your scrapbook business.

Paper Attic
INTERNET: Paper Attic
ANGEL POLICY: We are an Angel company!

Paper Creations
INTERNET: Paper Creations
ANGEL POLICY: We encourage you to use Quilt-a-Card scrapbooking and card kits as you create cards and pages for yourself and others. Our requirement is that you find a way to give Paper Creations - Appleton, Wisconsin and Quilt-a-CardTM appropriate credit.

Paper Loft
ANGEL POLICY: As long as you are only using the products for scrapbook pages we are fine with that. You cannot use our products to create a product for mass production.

Paper Mart
INTERNET: Paper Mart
ANGEL POLICY: If you purchase our products, you can use them any way you please.

Paper Parachute, Inc
INTERNET: Paper Parachute, Inc
ANGEL POLICY: We are an Angel company!

Paper Source
INTERNET: Paper Source
ANGEL POLICY: I dont see anything wrong with making things with our products and selling them.

Paper Tidbits
ANGEL POLICY: Paper Tidbits is an Angel company. What this means to you is that you have permission to print off, enlarge or reduce in size any image from Paper Tidbits to fit the needs of your project unless otherwise stated. You may also sell individually hand made

Papers by Catherine
INTERNET: Papers by Catherine
ANGEL POLICY: We have no problem with you using our products for any item that you are going to resell.

Patchwork Paper Design
ANGEL POLICY: You are welcome to use our products for your scrapbooking business. If you have a business license you are entitled to purchase products from us at wholesale prices.

Peppers Papers
INTERNET: Peppers Papers
ANGEL POLICY: Pre-colored papers and all other papers sizes up to 8 1/2x11 including our A2 size pre-colored background cards!. So yes We are an Angel company!

Pioneer Photo Albums
INTERNET: Pioneer Photo Albums
ANGEL POLICY: Once purchased you may use Pioneer products for whatever purpose you desire. Pioneer sells bulk refills pages in many sizes.

Pipe Dreamink Pty Ltd
INTERNET: Pipe Dreamink Pty Ltd
ANGEL POLICY: We are an Angel company!

Pixie Press
INTERNET: Pixie Press
ANGEL POLICY: Our policy for using PIxie Press products to create complete scrapbooks and blank scrapbook pages is liberal in the sense that we dont have a problem with an artist wanting to use our paper to create a card or scrapbook page(s)/books to resell. We do hav

POP-UPs by Plane Class
INTERNET: POP-UPs by Plane Class
ANGEL POLICY: Customers can sell cards made using our templates.

Pretty In Ink
INTERNET: Pretty In Ink
ANGEL POLICY: All of the rubber stamp images represented by Pretty in Ink are the sole property of Pretty In Ink. Pretty in Ink is an Angel company! This means you may sell any original art made with our stamps. Please - NO mechanical reproduction.
ANGEL POLICY: Our policy reads personal use only, but as far as we are concerned, creating completed scrapbooks (with pictures) for sale with our pages is okay, but making blank pages, using our pages is not allowed. That would be in direct competition to our site, using our own pages. We do have an affiliate program, if anyone is interested in selling our subscriptions for profit. Please let me know if you have any other questions.

Print Blocks Pty Ltd
INTERNET: Print Blocks Pty Ltd
ANGEL POLICY: Please acknowledge name of company on sold goods.

Printworks Collection
INTERNET: Printworks Collection
ANGEL POLICY: Those wishing to use PrintWorks Collection stamp designs for products they intend to resell must register with PrintWorks. For a one-time fee of $5.00, stampers will receive a copyright stamp to use on their products and a permission letter. Send check or

Provo Craft
INTERNET: Provo Craft
ANGEL POLICY: Provo Craft and Novelty, Inc. (Provo Craft) is thrilled that individuals desire to create and sell personal craftwork (i.e., craftwork personally created by an individual for sale or distribution by that individual and not for the sale or distribution of any other person or entity) incorporating our products, designs and images. In the interest of the creative community and their desires to share their creativity with others, we have granted permission in the form of a limited license to use any of Provo Craft’s designs, images and other products sold by Provo Craft that are protected under U.S. and/or international copyright laws (hereinafter referred to collectively as the “copyrighted material”) for the purpose of creating craftworks for sale in limited quantities in a limited local geographical location. * All Provo Craft products that incorporate, provide or utilize copyrighted material are copyrighted by Provo Craft and Novelty, Inc. and are protected under United States and international copyright laws, which means that they cannot be copied without the written permission of Provo Craft. * Any craftwork to be sold must not incorporate third-party copyrighted material. The craftwork must contain only Provo Craft products that are sold under the Provo Craft trademark. * The individual may sell or distribute personal craftwork at local community fundraisers, seasonal boutiques or bazaars, or other temporary craft events. Personal craftwork incorporating Provo Craft copyrighted material cannot be sold at a fixed retail location such as a store or mall kiosk, left in a store on consignment, or sold to other parties for subsequent resale, or sold via the Internet. * The use of the copyrighted material to be sold with a product, to enhance a product or to design a product on a regional or national level or for any mass production is expressly prohibited hereunder and requires a written licensing agreement with Provo Craft. (The definition of mass produced is more than fifty copies reproduced within a thirty day period of any one design or more than 200 copies per year of any one design. Multi-person assembly-line work counts as mass production.) * Quantities for sale of personal craftwork shall be limited by the production limits set forth herein. * You may not use Provo Craft and Novelty, Inc. copyrighted material for the purpose of creating logos, trademarks, trade names, trade dress or trademarks (e.g., company trademarks, product trademarks, product packaging, etc.). * Wherever possible, each item using or incorporating Provo Craft’s copyrighted material must be marked with “Includes Copyrighted Material of Provo Craft and Novelty, Inc.” in a reasonable size and location that gives reasonable notice. * Copyrighted material of Provo Craft may not be altered in any manner, including but not limited to, masking or overlaying portions in the overall design. Any other alteration will be considered an infringement of copyright. In addition, Provo Craft expressly reserves all moral rights in any copyrighted material.

Purple Onion Designs
INTERNET: Purple Onion Designs
ANGEL POLICY: You are free to use the stamps as long as there is no mechanical reproduction of the images.

Reminiscence Papers
INTERNET: Reminiscence Papers
ANGEL POLICY: Our papers are copyrighted, which means that they may be used on products for resale. Copyright simply means that they may not be reproduced (copied) and re-sold or used on products for resale. Many people are afraid of using copyright materials, but as

Rio Grande Traders
ANGEL POLICY: We are an Angel company!

Rocky Mountain Scrapbook Co.
INTERNET: Rocky Mountain Scrapbook Co.
ANGEL POLICY: We are an Angel company!. We have no problem with people wanting to use our products in creating scrapbooks for others.

Rubber Poet and Yes! Pigs Can Fly Rubber Stamps
INTERNET: Rubber Poet and Yes! Pigs Can Fly Rubber Stamps
ANGEL POLICY: for those craftspeople desiring to use Rubber Poet, Yes Pigs can fly rubber stamps: I encourage the creative use of our designs for hand-crafted projects. As long as the items for sale use our handstamped designs and are not mechanically reproduced, it’s OK by me! or altered.

S and C Memories Scrapbooking and Stamps
INTERNET: S and C Memories Scrapbooking and Stamps
ANGEL POLICY: We carry a large variety of stamps and some may be used for projects that you resell.

Savannahs Journey
ANGEL POLICY: Anything I sell, you can use any way you like!

ANGEL POLICY: We are an Angel company!

Scrapbook 101
INTERNET: Scrapbook 101
ANGEL POLICY: We are an Angel company!

Scrapbook Storytelling
ANGEL POLICY: You can use the templates provided in EFG books and on the Web site in any way youd like. The only restriction is that you cannot sell them as a template collection alone (similar to clip art restrictions).

Scrapbooks n More
INTERNET: Scrapbooks n More
ANGEL POLICY: We are an Angel company!

INTERNET: Scrapbugs
ANGEL POLICY: Our line of Scrapbugs Art Stamps are Angel stamps

ANGEL POLICY: You may use ScrapGoods(tm) stamps or templates in works that you make for or sell to others in limited quantities. If you sell the product to others, you must credit the image by including the text: Copyright (c) ScrapGoods/The Scrap Pack. All stamp or t

INTERNET: Scrappindipity
ANGEL POLICY: All images are the copyright property of Scrappindipity all rights reserved. Reproduction by electronic, graphic, mechanical or photocopying means, without permission of Scrappindipity is strictly prohibited. Selling of handcrafted items by the stamper is

ANGEL POLICY: My company is an Angel company. I design paper piecing patterns and if you use the patterns in S4O business that is fine with me. The only thing that you cannot do with my patterns is copy and sell/distribute

ScrapYard 329
INTERNET: ScrapYard 329
ANGEL POLICY: Yes, you may use our products on pages that you create for others. Thank you for sharing our products with others.

Seaside Stampin Ink
INTERNET: Seaside Stampin Ink
ANGEL POLICY: All Seaside Stampin Ink images are copyright Seaside Stampin Ink. No Ocean City images may be used for resale items. All other Seaside images are on a case-by-case basis.

Silver Fox Stamps
INTERNET: Silver Fox Stamps
ANGEL POLICY: Our images may be used on projects for resale, providing they are hand-stamped. Mechanical reproduction is prohibited

ANGEL POLICY: Although the Sizzix System is not intended or designed for commercial use, you are welcome to use it for limited commercial purposes so long as your projects are limited in scope and local in nature. Internet sales are strictly prohibited. Additionally,

Skycraft Designs, Inc
INTERNET: Skycraft Designs, Inc
ANGEL POLICY: We are an Angel company!

SRM Press, Inc.
ANGEL POLICY: We do allow people to use our products in creating pages to sell and making books for others. We do not allow people to use our products in kits that they sell.

Stamp n Around
INTERNET: Stamp n Around
ANGEL POLICY: Angel policy: You may use our stamps to create items for sale provided the images are handstamped and you give StampN Around credit for the images.

INTERNET: Stampalot
ANGEL POLICY: We are an Angel company!

Stampin Buddies
INTERNET: Stampin Buddies
ANGEL POLICY: Total Freedom in Rubber Stamping. Just buy the stamp first.

Stampin Up!
INTERNET: Stampin Up!
ANGEL POLICY: Stampin Up! welcomes artists who would like to use our stamp images in their own hand-stamped craftwork that they produce to sell. Therefore, we give permission in the form of a limited license to use any Stampin Up! stamp images for the purpose of creating craftworks for sale. See full policy at

Stampington and Company
INTERNET: Stampington and Company
ANGEL POLICY: We welcome artists who would like to use our images in their own hand-stamped creations and wish to sell these items. Therefore, we give permission to use any designs by Stampington and Company, except those images Deb Strain, for the purpose of resale. When using the approved stamps for items that will be sold, we give you permission if the following criteria are met: 1) Each item must be hand stamped. Mechanical reproductions are not acceptable. 2) The back of the card must contain typed, stamped, or hand-written copyright information. Please refer to the label index on the side of the image you are using for the correct copyright information. It is not necessary to include the copyright date. But be sure to include the copyright information for each stamp you are using. This information needs to be listed only once for each artist, no matter how many images are used by that artist. For instance, if you use three images that are copyright KAREN FOSTER, you need to only list the copyright information Karen Foster one time on the back of the item. If you use a KAREN FOSTER and a TERESA KOGUT stamp, you will need to list both of the artists in your copyright information. If no specific artist is listed, you will credit it as Stampington and Company, just as the stamp label does.

Stampmania Stamps for Art
INTERNET: Stampmania Stamps for Art
ANGEL POLICY: Our Timeless Images line of stamps are free to use to create artwork for resale as long as they are handstamped. No mechanical or electronic reproduction allowed.

Stone House Stamps
INTERNET: Stone House Stamps
ANGEL POLICY: Stone House Stamps is an Angel company and we encourage the use of our images for your handstamped cards and art projects. Reproduction of our images by digital or mechanical means is not permitted.

The Creative Director
INTERNET: The Creative Director
ANGEL POLICY: At the current time, The Creative Director does not regulate how you, as the purchaser, utilize our products. Therefore, you are permitted to use our products in your scrapbook service.

The Paper Cut
INTERNET: The Paper Cut
ANGEL POLICY: You can use our papers for scrapbooks you create for other people and you can use the papers to create blank pages to sell.

The Papertrail Handmade Paper and Book Arts
ANGEL POLICY: We are an Angel company!

The Stamping Ground
INTERNET: The Stamping Ground
ANGEL POLICY: If you buy it! Use it!

Thompson Paper, Inc.
ANGEL POLICY: Most of our papers, are blank papers, vellums and envelopes and can and are used for re-sale by a large number of our customers.

University Products, Inc.
INTERNET: University Products, Inc.
ANGEL POLICY: You can use the Lineco and Books By Hand products to produce items for resale. If you have quantities in the hundreds up we can custom manufacture.
ANGEL POLICY: I am an Angel company--you are welcome to use my handstamped images for sale in your art and craft items.

Village Impresssions
INTERNET: Village Impresssions
ANGEL POLICY: We make stamps that you design!

Wilde-Ideas Craft and Paper Arts Supplies
ANGEL POLICY: Rubber Tree Stamps is an Angel company

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