Things to do in an Altered Book

Last Updated 10/14/09

dotRub linseed oil over a copy of an image or pattern (like small dotted wrapping paper). Glue w/acrylic medium over another colored image. Great translucent play on images/patterns.

dotTake tissue paper and coat it twice with matte medium. Let dry. paint dried tissue with transparent paints or inks. Let dry and resulting paper looks like stained glass.

dotMake silk paper with silk fibers meshed between two screens (like the type for windows) and then coat with wall paper paste on both sides. Hang to dry on clothesline still between the mesh.

dotEncase an image or object in tissue or rice paper and use in window (like glass).

dotGlue down a strong image or print pattern -like a block print. Crumble rice paper and spot acrylic medium on back and place glue side down over image. Dry. Paint a light acrylic wash over rice paper and the medium acts like a resist so the result is a staining. Dry. Wash second color over parts of rice paper.

dotWash acrylic glaze (acrylic paint + matte medium) color over semi-transparent tracing paper. Dry. Glue paper over an image or part of an image. You can still see a hazy image thru the color. Like looking thru the world in rose or green or canary yellow glasses.

dotLayer coat one side of tissue paper with acrylic medium. Lay over images. Coat top with medium. Tissue is very transparent.

dotCrumple tissue paper. Drip dye-based inks or watercolors onto papers and shift papers so ink runs in crevasses. Dry them coat then coat with gloss or matte medium.

dotAfter you lay images down, coat papers with three to five different colored acrylic washes. (acrylic paint plus medium) Use your color sense as you lay the washes down. This isn't a huge film laid over the whole picture. Let dry between washes. When finished seal color with matte or gloss varnish. Light plays with the glazes and art seems to glow.

dotUse gold leaf or gold oil crayons on work. Seal with acrylic medium, then proceed with washes and paint. Scratch thru washes and glazes with sharp object and the shine form the leaf will come thru.

dotTake a colored copy or regular Xerox copy and coat five times with gloss medium.)Let dry between coats. Let whole thing dry overnight. Next morning gently rub paper off back of image and you have a film of your picture or image. You can glue this down, you can transfer this image to your picture by applying matte medium over back (paper-side) of image and let set up, then peel (looks like a photo transfer) or you can do this on fabric by coating image five times then gluing the last image to the fabric with the medium. Next day rub paper off back of image that is glued on fabric and seal.

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