My Storage Ideas

Last Updated 10/14/09


Like everyone else, my magazines were taking over. So, I decided to go through every one of them and just scan the stuff I wanted. That way I could tag them in my photo software, and be able to find them easily. I thought about printing them out, but that “where do I store it” came about. Besides, I have to journal on my computer, so keeping them on my computer made sense. Now you know where I got all those magazines!


These I would print out and keep in binders, where they sat until I needed the binder for newer articles and ideas. Then they got thrown out to store the “newer” ideas. See a pattern here? Then I got smart – save them to my computer and sort them along with the magazine scans.

So far, these two ideas have been working out for me, and I am actually USING the computer and magazine info. I just print them out when (if) I need them. Saves ink too!


After much searching around I bought a rolling 12 x 12 paper sorter from Office Depot (Safco® Rolling Cart, Letter/Legal, Black - http://tinyurl.com/gwdf), and 12 x 12 hanging file folders bought on Amazon (http://tinyurl.com/2t8yy6). These where the best prices out there; the cart is much cheaper than the one that is designed for Scrapbookers and is basically the same thing.

I store all my 12 x 12 paper in here, along with my page kits from TLC. In this recent re-organization of my studio, I realized that I almost never use solid colored card stock other than white, black and occasionally grey and brown. So, the cart fits all my 12 x 12 papers now – organized by color.

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