Vellum Tips

Last Updated 10/14/09

Create Something Special

Print a short poem in fancy lettering on the computer onto plain vellum and put it over a scenic photo. It would look nice with the words just on the part the covers the sky so the rest of the photo shows softly through the vellum.

Emphasize a special feature on a picture. Put plain vellum over the photo and cut a circle out over the object you want to emphasize. This would work well for a photo of a new engagement ring with the hand on the pillow. The rest of the picture would be in soft focus but the ring would be very visible! Use the same concept for a picture of a child. Cut the circle in the vellum to accent the child's face making a cute smile or funny face. This would be great to emphasize a baby sleeping capturing the innocence of the face.

Dry emboss the vellum. After dry embossing, color the picture with chalks on the backside. The chalk will softly color the embossed item. You could also use watercolor pencils to create the same effect.

Wet emboss the vellum while using your rubber stamps. The vellum will curl slightly from the heat but will go back into shape. If necessary, place a towel on top of the vellum and put a medium-weight book on the towel.

Journal or create a beautiful page topper on the vellum in your own handwriting or from your computer. Print your words on translucent vellum (almost clear, a little white in it) it and place on cloud or other paper. You will still be able to see the clouds or other image visible underneath the vellum paper. Special Note: Let piece set at least two hours to make sure ink has dried thoroughly.

Embellish your pieces with chalk to add a special accent.

Use with your punches to make creative punchies.

Trace your alphabet templates for a creative touch to your page!

Vellum Adhesive Answers

If you have used vellum before, you've probably experienced some frustration with the adhesive showing through. Vellum is not as porous as your other scrapbooking papers, so adhesives and inks won't be absorbed as quickly; instead, they tend to "sit" on the vellum. And because vellum is so transparent, most adhesive will show through.

You are in luck! There are ways to avoid glue-show-through. Be sure to apply adhesive, whether it's liquid, tape tabs or a glue stick, very sparingly for best results. Rather than applying adhesive to the vellum, apply it to the paper you're layering the vellum onto instead, then placing the vellum on the glue. The company, 3L, now makes photo tabs specifically made for use with vellum paper.

A Xyron machine is great for gluing vellum. If you do not have access to a machine, you can still use your regular acid-free adhesive. Try a glue stick when attaching vellum to light-colored paper and Zig 2-Way liquid glue with dark paper. Before gluing vellum to paper, look for ways to use a non-permanent mount, like photo corners and ribbon. Punch art, Punch-Outs, stickers and journaling can also disguise any glue that happens to show through.

The best option is to apply adhesive only behind the photo - this is usually enough to secure an entire sheet of vellum to the background paper.

"Write" This Way!

As with adhesives, ink takes awhile to dry on vellum, so be sure to allow a little drying time before working with the piece you did the journaling on. Try using Zig Writers, Sakura Permapaque, Zebra Jimnie Gel Rollerball pens and Pentel Milky Gel Rollers.

Handling Vellum Paper

Smudges and creases show up very easily on vellum, so be sure to store your vellum inside the book it came in or in a file folder. Any creases will appear as a bright white "scar" on the vellum; and smudges are nearly impossible to remove!

Perfect Papers: The Brighter, The Better!

White Vellum:

When selecting paper to place under a white vellum overlay, remember this: "The Brighter, The Better!" Bright colors and bold patterns will be muted by vellum; pale pastels will look washed out and very dark colors will look muddy.

Colored & Painted Vellum:

Colored vellum transforms solid and patterned paper-just slip a few different papers under your colored vellum sheet to discover just how many dramatic looks there are. Now try this with painted vellum, and watch the borders and patterns on the vellum change colors. And yes, you can layer patterned vellum on top of patterned paper, whether the vellum is colored, painted or white. Experiment with different combinations and see what appeals to you!

Make These Items From Vellum To Add A Special Accent To Your Page:

Princess dress
Snowman / snowballs / snowflakes / snowfort
Frosting on a cupcake / cake
Windshields for cars
Glass front for an oven door
Lenses in glasses (use brown for sunglasses)
"Rose" colored glasses
Mermaid tail / scales (green)
Pool / Lake / Beach water
Waves (layer three blues - cut or tear)
Sand (layer three browns - cut or tear)
Raindrops or puddles (light blue)
Leaves (spring or fall colors)
Flowers and flower petals, dandelion
Fish / fins for fish
Wings: Butterfly, bee, dragonfly, fairy, angel
Squares for ice cubes (white)
Flame for candle (orange)
Circles for bubbles (white)
Light bulbs
Christmas lights / Christmas balls on trees
Lamp shade, window shades
Sheer curtain / shower curtain
Table cloth
Bug jar / flower jar
Aquarium glass
Baby bottle
Wedding dress / veil
Confirmation or baptism gown
Blue birds
Rose petals
Bruises on paper dolls for boo-boos (purple)
Critters: Frogs, caterpillars, snakes
Hearts (pink or red for Valentine pages)
Cupid's wings
Rainbow (use all kinds of colors!!)

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