Uses for Chipboard

Last Updated 10/14/09

A question was posed to all the members: What are the steps you take to finish your raw chipboard? Is there anything special you like to do?

Here are the answers:

From Mandy
I love chipboard!!!!!!!!! I do everything imaginable to cover the chipboard (paint, ink, paper, sanding, stamping, stickles, glitter, confetti, rhinestones, etc.) then I either leave it the way it is, or cover it with diamond glaze or something of that sort. I have also added beads, buttons, and confetti after placing diamond glaze. LOVE CHIPBOARD, can you tell lol.

From Verna
Well, I have only used paper so far but I am going to venture out and try some paint on it this weekend!!

From Lindsy
I usually paint mine, but I will also embellish them with paper or cardstock, and with stickers, rub-ons, brads, ribbon or fiber :o) I have used liquid glass on them as well to get that effect :o) I have to admit, I LOVE chipboard.

From Madeleine
Well I think that it helps things to adhere if you first sand the chipboard a little bit. You can always use paint but in addition I like to use Pigment/craft ink pads to "paint" my chipboard Also like to cover with paper, just trace cut and paste then sand the edges Also like to cover with glitter, just use embossing adhesive, heat and cover with glitter while wet. When painted or covered with patterned paper I tie a ribbon through any openings. -Madeleine Forgot to mention, I've taken painted chipboard and covered with UTE or that extra thick clear embossing powder, heat and watch it turn super shiny.

From Karen
I love Chipboard. I have some that is colored and some that is raw. I like to sand it or ink the edges. On the raw I've used paper and then cut it with an X-acto knife from the back and then sanded the edges. On smaller pieces I've used Diamond Glaze. The only thing with the Diamond Glaze is that you have to test it first to make sure that the paper is color safe and doesn't bleed. I've also used UTEE and embedded charms in it when it's still warm.

From Melissa
Let's see what I have done with chipboard:

1. Paint it with ink and paint;
2. Cover it with paper, then glazed or just the plain paper/cardstock;
3. Coat it with Diamond Glaze/Liquid Glass and put in rhinestones, sequins, beads, etc;
4. Heat embossed with embossing powder to match project. I did this on my sister's Christmas gift. It was a lunch tin to put cards in. I had some of the flourish chipboard pieces from Maya Road and wanted to put them on the tin. Well to cover them with paper to match would have been too time consuming and I didn't have the right shade of pink. So, I embossed them. Not only was it the perfect shade of pink but it made the pieces shiny!
5. Covered them by wrapping embroidery floss/ribbon around them.

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