Stretching Cardstock

Last Updated 10/14/09

Written by Barbie Boop

So, you have a favorite cardstock but you don't want to "waste" it. What are some ways that we can "stretch" it or make it last longer?

Here are a few things that I have done:

Make post cards instead of cards. You get 4 post cards out of 1 sheet of cardstock!

Trading cards! You get up to10 out of one sheet of cardstock!

Use it for card fronts only. Use white cardstock for the backside of the card! You can over lap the white cardstock back up and over the front so that they both show.

Make smaller cards

Weave into cards!

Cut in pieces and layer on card front with other colors of cardstock.

Use other paper/ cardstock for layering if you can (I hate the thought of covering up and hiding my favorite cardstock!)

If you "have" to use for layering cut strips and attach strips of favorite. Cardstock rather than a large piece (layer them around another layer by making them into a frame)

Cut the center out of your layer! Save the centerpiece for another card!

Save all your scraps! You can make a neat scrap card! Just glue little scraps on your card front and add stamped images and layered images.

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