Shrink Plastic / Paint Technique

Last Updated 10/14/09

Supplies needed:

Accent (brand) Crown Jewels Double-Pigmented Metallic Acrylic craft paint (comes in a bottle like tole paint), colors like metallic gold, silver, purple, blue, green (if you use another craft paint - opaque - or another brand - let me know!)

A small paint brush (foam or soft bristle, doesn't matter which).

A sheet of shrink plastic, which has been lightly sanded in a crosshatch pattern (I got mine from Jhone Messinger-Dickson).


Apply the paint lightly to the uncut sheet of shrink plastic, and allow to dry. This doesn't take long, only a few minutes. (Do *not* dry it with the heat gun for obvious reasons).

Stamp on the painted surface with a permanent ink (I used "Memories" pad).

Cut out around your image, leaving a wee border.

Shrink, as per product directions.


Put on your light coat of the (Accent Crown Jewels Double Pigmented Metallic Acrylic) paint and then *lightly* sponge on another complimenting color. Allow to dry, stamp your image, cut out, shrink.

Egyptian themed stuff - I used gold in the background, and sponged on metallic green - (dry, stamp, cut, shrink) - gives a nice antiquey, verdigris look to the piece.

Oriental themed stuff - I used gold in the background, and sponged on metallic red - (dry, stamp, cut, shrink) - a nice, silky, rich appearance (think "kimono").

Seashore theme - I used metallic blue in the background, sponged on silver over top - (dry, stamp, cut, shrink) - reminds me of the ocean.

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