Shoe Box Parties

Last Updated 10/14/09

Here is a "definition" of a shoebox party! Anyone can plan one at any time, anywhere! Just invite whomever you choose and go for it!! You can do it anywhere -- invite only people you know, or open it to the group to make new friends -- it is YOUR CHOICE!!

How a Shoe Box Party works:

Everyone comes up with a project to share and all the supplies to make that project. It could be as simple as a card, or as involved as a stamped beaded pen! Anything goes!! You just bring one completed sample, along with printed detailed instructions on how to make it as well as a shoebox with ALL the supplies necessary for each person to complete one! (You are welcome to use any item brand or stamp company that you like in your shoebox!)

For example, if it is an embossed card, you would supply the paper, embossing ink, embossing powder, embossing gun, EVERYTHING!!! Whatever you choose, you must bring everything to make it -- paper punches, ink pads, markers, eyelets with setter tool, mono adhesive, rubber stamps, glitter, ribbon, I mean EVERYTHING!!!

Please precut ALL the paper pieces so that they are ready to be stamped and assembled. It is also helpful if you pre-score pieces to keep things moving along. Then, put all the paper pieces in a zip lock bag to keep them from getting soiled by anything else in the box! Please do not bring "extra" items. ONLY put in the box, the exact items needed to complete a duplicate of your sample. This cuts down on the time to complete the projects since there is no "thinking" to do or choices to be made!

On the day of the party, everyone brings their shoebox along, and between gabbing, eating, etc, the boxes all get passed around and each person makes one of each project! It is a lot of fun and everyone leaves with a bunch of new ideas!! You will NOT be demonstrating your project - so be sure that you include detailed instructions are clear and easy to understand!!

Everyone needs to bring enough supplies for 10 people to make their project. It's always nice to throw in some extras in case someone makes a boo-boo.

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