Sea Glass Pins and Necklaces

Last Updated 10/14/09

By: Holly Young

I had several people write to ask me for directions to making the necklaces and pins with sea glass, so I'm sending it to the whole list.


This is a pin that was made using two pieces of sea glass. The bottom piece of sea glass is embossed with UTEE and has bits of pearl-ex, beads, and gold flake added to it in between layers of UTEE. The top piece of sea glass is wrapped with gold wire strand and then glued to the larger piece. The back has a pin back glued to the back of it. You can also make this a necklace by gluing an eye pin to the back and putting a jump ring through the eyehole and then threading a chain through the jump ring.

Take a larger piece of sea glass and either use some color inkpads on it or clear embossing inkpad on it. I use a clear all over and then add a little color to it in spots.

Cover with clear UTEE and heat. Add more UTEE to it and while still hot you can add bits of gold leaf flakes or tiny hole less beads or glitter, just whatever you like. You don't want to cover the whole thing though, because you want the beauty of the sea glass to show through it.

Take a smaller piece of sea glass and wrap it with some wire and wrap more wire around the bigger piece to hold the smaller wrapped piece in place. Some people prefer to glue the smaller piece to the larger piece, but I don't; the wire seems to hold it fine.

If your piece is going to be a pin, just glue a pin back to the back and you're done. If you want a necklace, I glue an eye pin to the back so the eye is just above the piece and then add a jump ring to that and string your necklace through the jump ring. These really do make pretty pieces of jewelry.

Another sea glass creation only this on is a necklace rather than a pin Let me know if you have any more questions.


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