Pins - Laminating

Last Updated 10/14/09

courtesy of GinnyN

One of the greatest things about going to rubber stamp shows and conventions is the laminated pin swaps. You make a few dozen or so of the same pin and swap with others at the show. Don't forget to put your name and other info on the back; you may end up with a few new stamping buddies!


Favorite stamp- one that's really you but big enough to put a pin back on
Ink pads and markers in the colors you choose
Clear contact paper or cold laminate paper (office supply store carries this)
Strapping tape

If you are going to hang something on the pin you will also need:

1/8 inch hole punch
Jump rings
Tweezers or needle nose pliers (or your fingers if you don't have long nails)

Step By Step:

Stamp images on cardstock. If you're making many pins, I'd advise to stamp all the images first and work in mass production mode.

Color as desired. Cut out the images leaving a teeny border.

Peel the backing away from a piece of cold laminate paper and lay all images face down on the sticky side of the paper. If you're going to write your name and info on the back, do it now. Be sure to leave space above the info for the pin back. That way the info isn't covered by the pin. Lay another piece of laminate over the first, sticky side down. Rub all the images hard to make the paper stick and so the images show through with no cloudiness.

Cut all the images out of the laminate paper. Borders aren't necessary unless you want them. I never leave a border on mine, no problems.

If you'll be adding a dangle, use the hole punch to put the hole where you want it.

Use the jump rings to assemble your dangle to the pin.

Use the strapping tape to affix the pin back to the pin.

Hints and Tips:

Strapping tape is wonderful for attaching the pinback.E6000 glue is good, if you can stand the smell! But, hot glue will come off after awhile because of the slick surface of the laminate. And when you get home after a hard day of pin trading, the strapping tape can be peeled off if you choose to keep your pins in a binder for storage.

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