Paper Corrugater / Crimper Ideas

Last Updated 10/14/09

Do you have one? Like it? Why/why not? How have you used it? What's your favorite way of using it? What are all the ways that you have found you can use it? Have you found something else to use instead if so. What and why? Can you add to this list?

Here's a few ways that I (Barbie Boop) have used mine:

Crimp entire card then layer!

Crimp just the front side of the card

Stamp and color an image then send it through the crimper. Mount it on your card!

Use it on your paper scraps and then layer them on your card with stamped images over top.

Use it on a whole sheet of decorative paper then cut the paper in = inch strips. Use them for a card boarder

Send a piece of cardstock through it and then stamp on top of it with a BOLD image!

Cut/punch it to the shape you want AFTER you crimp it. Heart, circle etc.

Expect crimped cardstock/paper to NOT come out straight.

Fold the paper up then put it through the crimper. When done crimping it open it up then layer it!

Leaves look really neat if you fold them in half then run them through the crimper!

Crimp flowers: layer them. Fill the middles with glue and beads!

Run your layering paper through and then layer it on your card!

Crimp wallpaper and layer it on your cards!

Crimp bookmarks! Layer image on top. Punch heart or shape in bottom then crimp!

Crimp tags!

Crimp stamped trading cards!

Make crimped paper ribbon - just fold a long thin strip in half for a paper "bow" cut 2 slits in cardstock and slide paper ribbon through.

Crimped paper lace: cut strips of cardstock with scallop Fiskars, punch holes in each scallop. Send through crimper. Layer on card.

Layer crimped paper/cardstock under/behind a "window" card or layer.

Make a layered crimped scene. Fill the bottom of the crimped area with glue and green beads/sand/glitter the top with sky colors then layer your images in the middle.

Weave crimped scraps!

Crimped confetti: stamp mini stamp image on scrap cardstock. cut out. Crimp.

Crimped "dangle embellishment" stamp min stamp image 2 times. Glue together back to back with a string in the middle. Crimp. Hang along edge of card front! Or dangle in window of card!

Inked/Crimped background paper: Crimp a piece of cardstock. Pull an inkpad across the peaks. Allow drying. Flatten paper with hands. Use as layering paper! You can turn and crimp in opposite direction and pull another color ink across it if you like! Spray it with glitter or webbing!

Crimp image for a 3d look in place of /or with 3d dots.

Recycle: Use crimped scraps in place of 3D dots!

Recycle: don't throw away wrinkled cardstock or layering papers. Just send it through a crimper! No one will ever know!

Use double stick tape to mount crimped layers/images

Mini books/journals: crimp the covers!

Crimp pages in a mini book you have made

Line a shaker card with crimped cardstock layer

Crimp envies for a neat look!

Crimped AND punched boarder: cut a strip of cardstock. punch shapes into it. Crimp. Layer on card.

Crimped "scrap cards": glue pieces of scrap cardstock on card front. Stamp and layer image.

Crimp your serendipity cards!

Crimp covered pencil holders: crimp stamped cardstock and glue around empty clean can! Put sand/rocks/marbles in the bottom

Crimped Photo corners

Stamp a border of dancing girls (belly dancers) then crimp.

Stamp any hefty-sized characters then crimp.

Put wire through it - if you do it crooked, the space in between the crimps increases for a really neat look

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