Metallic and Lustre Rub Ons

Last Updated 10/14/09

by Ellen :}> Evo

What are they and what do you do with them?

One of the least understood, least used, and most admired accessories to stamping, 4 different kits, each kit having 7 circles of creamy textured colors that you apply with your finger (there-fore comes the name Rub-Ons) (and, lucky you! Your were born with ten tools for this ... 5 on each hand) or with a small sponge applicator

Rub on cardstock before you stamp, mingling colors to achieve the mood you want for your background. Silvers and pewters for a silver finish... coppers, amber and Golds for a golden finish...greens and copper for a verdigris finish... or just have at it with what looks and feels good for you. Then you can add more texture and interest by sponging, stippling, splattering, stamping with texture or pattern stamp, or leave it like it is.

When you color cardstock... leave some of the original card showing through and if you apply other layers of color... allow some of all the layers underneath to show through. Stunning effects begin to occur.

Try hitting just the top ridges of corrugated paper or crinkled paper... wonderful effect!

Rub on color after you stamp... adding color to areas such as water, or sky ... or small areas using a small sponge applicator. Use Rub-Ons with your stencils just by using your finger... and use different colors for a shaded or blended effect in your stenciled image.'s fun to allow some of the underlying cardstock & colors to show through.

And by all means, try these techniques on dark cardstocks in addition to light, matte in addition to glossy. A Little known fact... the Rub-Ons are just creamy enough to hold embossing powders to emboss, also, allowing you to create glossy and matte areas. Depending on how heavy you've applied the Rub-Ons... you may need to spray your finished card with a fixative spray.

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