Ideas for Using Markers

Last Updated 10/14/09

The markers are such a great investment and so much fun and so versatile. The markers have a writing tip for writing or for coloring in small places. They also have a brush tip to color in larger places. They have so many uses that I wanted to list some of them for you.

1. Use the brush tip of the marker to directly color onto a stamp for selective coloring or omitting of part of the image. They can also be used in place of an inkpad that you do not have. Make sure to "huff", breath heavily, on the stamp to moisten the ink before stamping.

2. Use either end of the marker to color directly on your stamped project. Also don't forget to color coordinate your hand written message and envelope with the color of ink in your stamped project by using the writing end of the marker to write with as you would a pen.

3. Use the brush end to place color on a plastic plate or aluminum foil. Then using a paintbrush or blender pen, dip into the puddles of color and then color on your card. This will lighten the color of the ink applied to the card. You can further lighten the color by adding a very small amount of water to the puddles of ink. Just experiment to get the effect you want. You can also color with blender pens by directly applying them to the brush end of the marker.

4. Use the marker to apply color to an embossed edge on your embossed project. Then using a wet brush to pull the marker color from the embossed edge into the image.

5. Use them to create a design on your brayer for stamping a background for your cards.

6. Use the tips to create designs on your card. Ex: flowers, raindrops, watermelon seeds, or anything else you can imagine.

7. Use the markers to create blender pen effect without the blender pen. Outline an image with a darker color, like Brilliant Blue, then use a lighter blue, like Bliss Blue, to come from the outside outline and blend it toward the center. It will create a shaded/dimensional look.

8. Use the markers for thumping. Take a light color of ink to ink up a stamp, and then use a darker marker or two to randomly tap the stamp with the brush end of the marker. This creates a really interesting design on the stamps.

9. You can get a tie die effect by taking a light marker and making a swirl in the middle of a large scrap of rubber or on a solid flat stamp like the watering can in the Wildflower set, then move out from this swirl, take a darker marker and circle around the first swirl-mark close to the first swirl, but not touching. Then continue this with as many outward swirls as you want. Then huff on the swirl and use it as the stamp pad to stamp any set. Then stamp your card stock. It creates a really nice tie die effect. So save any of the large pieces of rubber you get as you cut out your sets.

10. Use the markers with the blender pens to get a Kaleidacolor effect. Color one side of a solid stamp with one marker. Color the other side with a coordinating marker making sure to leave a blank place in the middle. Take you blender pen and blend the color of the two markers together creating a third or fourth color. Huff on the stamp and apply to your card stock.

11. The markers can also be used with the air art gun to create interesting backgrounds. Use the fine end for fine color and the brush end for coarser dots of color. The amount of color and the size of the dots can also be adjusted by the distance the air art gun is held from the paper.

Make sure to store your markers flat and away from direct sun and heat sources. Be careful to put the cap on each end until it "pops" in place. Use gentle pressure only when writing with them to protect the tip from damage.

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