Ideas for Using Fiber #4

Last Updated 10/14/09

1. Draw a thin line of glue where you want the fiber to be. Let it dry for a minute or so (so it is tacky) and lay the fiber along your glue line (I use a toothpick to push it into place)

2. Sew the fibers onto your card - first punch holes where you are going to "sew" using a large needle, then thread the needle with your desired fibers and thread it through. If the fibers won't go thru the eye of the needle, you can use a needle threader to get the fibers thru by pushed the needle threader thru the holes first, then threading it with the fiber. This method takes a bit longer since you can only do one hole at a time, but it works great with the fibers that won't fit thru the eye of a needle.

3. Put eyelets on your creation and then thread the fibers thru the eyelets.

4. Wrap fiber around the fold of your card as an accent. Tie off and add beads if you like or just let the ends hang freely, or fray the ends - depending on the fiber you use.

5. Use fibers as an accent to tag art. Tie a slip knot a loop of fibers through the hole in the top of the tag. Add beads as embellishments.

6. Use fibers to "hang" tags or pictures in your scrapbook albums.

7. Use fibers to frame a stamped & layered image by wrapping the fibers around the edges/corners.

8. Use fibers with eyelets to string stamped & layered images together on a card or scrapbook page.

9. Cut notches in the side of your card and string/weave the fiber through, under, over, under over, an uneven number of notches works best for this.

10. Cut just two notches in the side of your card and then string each end of the fiber through from the front to the inside of your card, overlap and bring ends out through the opposite notches, trim ends so that they meet the edge of your card.

11. Use your hole punch to make two holes at an angle in a corner of your card, tie fiber in a knot or a bow to accent your stamped & layered image.

12. Cut strands of fibers and glue them between layers of your cardstock when layering an image to add texture and dimension. (May need to mount final layered image with pop-dots depending on the thickness of the fiber you use.)

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