Ideas for Using Fiber #3

Last Updated 10/14/09

The questions posed to the group were:

In what ways do you use fiber and/or ribbon on your layouts, paper bag albums, etc.? How do you attach the fiber or ribbon?

Here's how they responded:

Anne K wrote:
Ribbon -- I've used ribbon for several things such as a textiled accent strip (just plain put on the page), woven several strips to form a mat, taken short pieces (that end scrap we never know what to do with) and used it as accents behind titles and journal blocks, used a larger needle and sewn it on pages, and of course the old favorite of tag ends. I also used it once as a hinge for hidden journaling but that was tricky and I think with more practice, that won't be as bad. As for attaching it - I've Xyroned it, used brads, staples, eyelets and gluedots.

Fiber -- I've sewn titles, accent strips and used it to tie two or more pieces of paper/elements together. I've used it to frame mats with the help of a corner punch. I've woven it in and out of plastic mesh to create a mat and accent strip. I've found that the best way to attach fiber is simply tape form behind.

Verna G wrote:
I use ribbon in all kinds of ways-I tie to tags, I staple it to photo mats, I use it as a border, I tie bows and put them on page. I don't use alot of fibers but I have used them in some of the same ways, I am just not as creative with the fibers so I am looking forward to

Mary K wrote:
Ribbon - I used it on slide mounts to cover corners, they turned out pretty good. This was for a swap I was in. I've had a hard time putting ribbon through my Xyron for attaching it, but glue dots seem to work better. So does staples, both regular and Fastenater ones. I've also used it down the center of a border strip and used die cuts on top of that. Looked pretty good. I need other ideas for using the wider types of ribbons.

Melissa R wrote:
It seems like I use ribbon on every layout or card that I do. I've used ribbon as a frame around photos, embellies, etc. I've used as a border, to make flower petals, and as a monogram (I curled up a ribbon and used glue dots/staples to look like a C for the monogram swap.

I use fiber on tags and on journal boxes threaded in eyelets on opposite sides. I've seen it used to make a fuzzy caterpillar. That was pretty neat!

Diane H wrote:
I use glue dots or double sided tape whichever will work better

Kim P wrote:
It seems mostly I will staple my ribbon, I use it a lot it seems.

Karen G wrote:
I attach ribbon to my layouts by using pop dots. I use it quite a bit at the top or end of tags and then I staple it on or use a Fastenater bar. I used to use fiber on tags, but I don't use it much any more

Sharyn D wrote:
I donít use as much as I seem to collect, but my ribbons I have used with eyelets attached to tags, as page borders, and frames. Fiber I donít use a lot of, but when I do its usually just on the tags. I use eyelets, glue dots, and sometimes brads to attach it all.

Linda W wrote:
I use ribbon more than fibers now - but still use both. My most often turned to method is to wrap it around the page, photo or die cut, or just cut and clip at the sides and tape behind and then tie a dainty bow offset from the center. Shelly showed me something she had done with sticky stitches that totally opened the door for me! She had framed a fall pumpkin sign within a picture with sticky stitches crossing and cutting at the corners. Made it so fallish. I use like to cut my double stick tape in half lengthwise to get a fine glue line to lay the ribbon on - works beautifully. Fibers I wrap around tags a lot - or just over endow all my paper bag albums and tag albums with them. It gives a gives a great presentation.

Here are some ways that you can use ribbon to complete your next project:

*Try taking a piece of thin ribbon and wrapping it around your whole layout or piece of cardstock for an eye-catching embellishment.
*Break out of your box and layer the background of your next page with ribbon as a replacement to patterned paper.
*Tie small pieces of ribbon to other embellishments that you have and give them a whole new flavor!
*Use ribbon in a masculine way by tying it in knots instead of bows.
*Link pieces of cardstock or patterned paper together like a shoelace to add a unique look to your next layout.
*Add the perfect touch to your next baby layout by adding a soft piece of silk ribbon.
*Print a quote, title or journaling on a piece of twill ribbon and stick it on your next project, youíll love the results!

Lindsy H wrote:
I definitely use ribbon way more than fiber (I do have a list of 40 uses for fiber somewhere on my computer.... I'll see if I can find it).

*I use ribbon for borders and put a ribbon slider on it, or
*I'll use a shorter piece of ribbon and put buttons on each end.
*I like to take little snippits of ribbon and staple them to my journal box or photo mats.
*I've used ribbon to hang words off of for a title
*I've used ribbon with eyelets or lacing brads
*I've used ribbon to wrap around a picture or journal box to make it stand out
*I've used ribbon to "hide" mistakes I've made on my lay-outs

I am sure I've used it more ways than that, but that is what came immediately to mind :o) I usually attach my ribbon with scrapbooking- safe double stick tape :o)

Teresa R wrote:
I use Ribbon on most all my the stuff! I mostly use it by stapling a snip of it to my photo mat on the side as a tab. I also use it as a border; tied to a clip, tied to a photo anchor...I use it with buckles and slides as an accent also. LOVE Ribbon! I very seldom use fiber anymore -.if I do it is on a tag mostly or on occasion I use it to tie onto a clip or to just tie around a page element such a journal box or file folder.

Allie Gower added:
*Use them as flower stems. You wind them to make stems.
*Sew with them.
*Use them to spell things out - as letters.
*Weave them and make a mat.
*Lay them all down on fusible fiber and iron, making a neat mat.
*Make a ribbon flower.
*Make photo corners.
*Surround a photo with ribbon.
*Pull Tabs.
*Use instead of paper on an Iris Folding template.
*A row of all different ribbons lined up makes a neat border!
*Strips of ribbon and a circle make great insects, animals, stars, suns, etc.
*Loop around chipboard letters and shapes for accents.
*Staple to paper for colorful highlights.
*Knot green ribbons and use as leaves for flowers.

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