Ideas for Using Fiber #1

Last Updated 10/14/09

1. Map out your vacation route with fibre threaded through eyelets.

2. Use as laces on paper pieced-shoes.

3. Make a frame around a matted photo or journal box.

4. Tie through the hole of a tag.

5. Use in a sports scene as a basketball hoop, soccer net or fishing pole.

6. Create grass or trees.

7. Spell out a title using fibers to stitch out the letters.

8. Wrap around a border, nugget, tag or corner accent several times.

9. Make hair or other features on paper dolls.

10. Use as a string for balloon diecuts or eyelets.

11. Tie lassos for western pages.

12. Create seaweed on an ocean or vacation page.

13. Attach a tail to a kite.

14. Build a mountain/water outline.

15. Use a rope for a tug of war scene.

16. Fringe on animals.

17. Wrap fibers around letters.

18. Create a shadow for die cut letters.

19. Use fibers to tie 2 or more elements together.

20. Weave through mesh.

21. Create bows.

22. Scarf on a paper pieced snowman.

23. Attach to a brad and use it as a yoyo.

24. Fiber piecing.

25. Used to stitch pieces together to form a pocket.

26. As embroidery stitching.

27. Attach tire (swing) to tree.

28. Wrapping presents.

29. Crossing corners of a photo mat or journal box.

30. Clothesline for hanging mittens with wooden clothespins.

31. Stitching a template design.

32. Thread punchies on fibre and create a bracelet around a photo/mat.

33. Down the length of the page, photo-mat or journal box as a border.

34. To hang/attach buttons or charms.

35. Used to hang signs or metal rimmed tags from buttons, brad and eyelets.

36. Decorations on a Christmas tree.

37. Decorations on an Easter egg.

38. Create a spider web.

39. Lacing 2 pieces together.

40. Ends of a hammock.

41. Wind fibers tightly to form the centre of a flower or leaves.

42. To knit or crochet page accents.

43. As a blanket stitch around a border, or mat.

44. Tassels.

45. Braiding the fibers together to create borders, page breaks etc.

46. As needlepoint stitches on your page elements.

47. Hanging header letter squares or mini tags.

48. Enhancing die cuts

49. Accent on Serendipity Squares.

50. Same concept as with wires, drawing shapes, letters etc.

51. Creating a shadow for die cut letters

52. Enhancing die cuts

53. Sewing with a needle

54. Using it to hang signs from brads or eyelets

55. Hanging header letter squares

56. Using in conjunction with eyelets

57. Borders

58. Tag Tassels

59. Use with beads or charms

60. Hair and other paper doll features

61. Braiding the fibers to create borders, page breaks etc.

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