Homemade Metal Embellishments

Last Updated 10/14/09

By: Michelle Cole

Had to share this one with you, ladies. It falls under the categories of both Metal Embellishments and How Much.

After reading many posts, I thought I'd try something. I glued aluminum foil to a piece of plain white cardstock and smoothed it down, leaving some of its natural creases in place. Then, I took a very fine grit sandpaper and lightly buffed over it to take some of the shine off it.

Next, I went to my word processing program (WordPerfect in my case) and created a table with the margins at their minimum (to use the most of the paper, of course!) In each cell, I used an appropriate font (Dauphin in this case) and typed in a word such as "dream" "create" "inspire", etc. I left the lines in around the cells, rows and columns and then printed it.

It came out looking pretty good, but still (I thought) too shiny. So, I grabbed my India Ink/Alcohol mixture (about 50/50)and brushed it over the whole page, wiping most of it off before it dried. It dries quickly because of the alcohol, so you can't wait too long. When it had dried completely, I used Delta Sealer over the whole thing. This should protect it all as well as provide a buffer between any acid in the foil and my pages.

Then, I got out my ruler and craft knife and just followed the lines. I now have scads of those little plaque-looking things, for only a few cents! My page was 23 rows by 5 columns, so it netted me 115 of them, and near as I can figure, the cost was well under a dollar...not counting my time, of course ;)

Now I just wish I'd used more different words. Oh well, I have lots to use and lots to share as well.

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