Dye-Na-Flow, Textile Colors, and Neopaque

Last Updated 10/14/09

Each of these products was developed because of their suitability for use on certain substrates or in the use of certain techniques. Dye-Na-Flow is a pigment suspended in a very liquid acrylic binder that will not stiffen some fabrics. It works similar to the way that dye acts on material. The reason for this product is that it can be used on any untreated fabric natural or otherwise and are very transparent. It has the viscosity of water and can be used in the silk painting technique.

The Textile Colors are medium-bodied acrylics available in an extensive range of colors. These can be used without the use of a primer or resist on the fabric to obtain detail, unlike Dye-Na-Flow, which requires these. They were engineered to be soft and permanent on all untreated fabrics and very affordable.

Neopaque is a light-bodied acrylic that can be applied to a number of surfaces. The Neopaques are opaque and bright, even on dark backgrounds and their high pigmentation provides excellent coverage. The binding medium in this pigment-based paint has a very high degree of flexibility, thus it won't crack or peal on the substrate's surface. This quality is very useful for fabric and leather. Lumiere and Neopaque will go onto virtually any surface that has some degree of absorbency such as wood and paper, etc. There is some overlap in function in our products, however they all express their own unique qualities and strengths. Most of our customers make a choice based on what they want the paint to do.

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