Background Paper #3

Last Updated 10/14/09

From: Barb aka Flossie

OK, I was just trying a Dee Gruenig technique, but without her special compressed sponges. Used just a plain ol' lightweight "foam" sponge and some of my old old old dye reinkers (so old the lime green had turned puke green; I chunked it.) I'm been trying to come up with ways to use these since I don't have or use those pads anymore.

Applied 3 colors on the sponge, spritzed it with water, dabbed it on white glossy. Well, it was a little too wet, the dark colors overwhelmed the lighter colors, and as it sat there waiting to dry, the inks ran together even more.

With nothing to lose but an ugly puddle of dark ink, I stuck it under the faucet and ran the water. Suddenly the lighter colors appeared--and here's a rainbow blend looking like polished stone. Wow!

OH! OH! I just thought about using Marvy Metallics with this. OH!!

WARNING! Use rubber gloves. I didn't. Big Oops. Guess what colors my fingers are. Second, use more than one layer of wax paper on the counter or colors soak through. Where's that bleach bottle?

Part II

OK, spritz sponge very very lightly with water. You want dark ink on the paper, not too watery at first. And leave some white showing. Let it soak for a couple of minutes at least. If you use a Marvy Metallic, dab dab dab it on just before you stick it under the faucet. Don't rinse too much unless you want pale colors. Iron when dry.

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