Background Paper #2

Last Updated 10/14/09


2 sheets (any size) of glossy cardstock
1 piece of wax paper slightly larger than the cardstock
Old Newspapers or paper bag


1. Crumple up the wax paper
2. Smooth out the wax paper & sandwich it between sheets of CS (glossy sides towards the wax paper)
3. Use paper bag or some type of scrap paper under and over the CS
4. Sandwich (this is just protection in case your iron and/or your surface come in contact with the wax paper)
5. Place on a firm surface (a board of some kind works nicely).
6. Then iron - lifting and pressing rather than moving the iron around (to prevent paper from sliding).
7. You can take a peek to see if the wax has transferred to the CS.
8. Then, just brayer dye base ink on your CS. I like to use Kalaidecolor pads but any ink that'll dry on glossy will work.

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