Aimee's Little Envelope Books

Last Updated 10/14/09

by Aimee Fleck

So many people have asked for the directions I thought I would just send them to the whole list. You can see a picture of one of them here.

Keep in mind you can make these as big or as small as you want, using whatever size/color envies you want, in any theme you want. Mine are white envelopes, all stamping in lavender brilliance ink, with a tea theme, since they are for the bridal tea party this weekend. I started out making them with 3 envelopes but with doing 60 of them it was taking so long, so I went to using 2 envelopes.

Remember each envelope will give you 2 "pages" (or 4 pages if you decorate both the front and back sides). The directions here are for the way I Did them.


White regular size envelopes
Ribbon, embroidery floss, etc for binding
Whole punch
Lavender brilliance inkpad
Chalks (& sealer)
Background papers
Scissors, paper cutter, etc
Sentiments typed and printed off the computer


From Anitas Art Stamps- Tea pot, swirl heart
From TAC- tiny rose (from the Little Miss Attitude set), teddy bear, Victoria angel


Decide how many "pages" you want. Seal your envelopes. You want the sealed flaps facing into the book.
Using the swirl heart and little rose, randomly stamp and cover the entire front side of one envelope. This is your cover.
Stamp the teapot, cut around in a square with deckle scissors. Matte on a piece of CS (I used a soft speckled pink), cut again with deckle scissors.
Fold your "cover" in half, with stamped side facing out. Punch 2 holes on the left side, near the fold, one at the top and one at the bottom. Glue your matted teapot to the center of the front cover but off to the right a little (so that the tea pot isn't hidden by the binding).
Color teapot with chalks, and color roses with pink chalk. Spray to seal.
Fold another envelope in half, slip into the cover. Punch holes. Using purple embroidery floss, thread through the holes a few times, tie in a knot at the top hole. Add ribbons, etc. This is the binding.
Open the book, on the first page place the following sentiment, cut with deckle shears and matted on decorative paper and trimmed again: Love puts the fun in together, the sad in apart, the hope in tomorrow, the joy in a heart.

2nd page - Stamp the teddy bear in brown ink on off white CS, tear out, mount on white mulberry paper, tear around it. Stamp the little rose randomly on the page. Mount bear in center of page.

3rd page - place the following sentiment, cut with deckle shears, mounted on background paper also trimmed with deckle shears.

4th page -(inside of back cover)- stamp angel on white CS, cut into a square using deckle shears. Color if desired. Mount on background paper also trimmed with deckle shears.

Wala! I used different background papers but all the same color purple.

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